Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Resistance Bands!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Resistance Bands!

By avataranirudh

Have you been staring at people flaunting perfect bodies? Are you pursuing a well-toned body? Whether your goal is to build muscle, strengthen your core or just have a good workout, Resistance Bands give you unfailing competence. Uncompromisingly efficacious and functionally simple; this gear is a comprehensive, result oriented, and a suit-all fitness tool. 

Perhaps you understand certain basics about exercising and know a bit about the right gear, proper nutrition, and an accurate workout. Resistance bands offer an optimum addition to your workout without costing a bomb! Also, you might not be able to hit a fancy gym or find it pragmatic to occupy your apartment space with heavy exercise machines. You need something portable, compact yet effective; resistance bands are the answer. Let’s have a look at some benefits of Resistance Bands: 


If you are familiar with the science of workout, you would instantly prefer something that targets all major muscle groups and gives you a full body workout. Surprisingly, this reinforced rubber band adds resistance to squats, bent kicks, chest presses, bicep curls, triceps extensions leg raises, and even crunches. You can build a full circuit training plan using them at the comfort of your home or any open space. Certain simple exercises like jumping jacks can be taken to a whole new level using resistance bands. The rule of thumb is to add resistance to a workout for better results. 


Resistance bands suit everyone and give flexibility to varying levels of strength. A beginner can enjoy low impact exercises while fitness pro can enjoy few sets of an advanced workout with resistance bands. It gives you varying levels of tension to accommodate different muscle groups. Suitable for all fitness levels, they are adjustable to your comfort even on Day 1 of your fitness regime. You can self-pace your strength levels with time and ease. It is easy to add intensity gradually by altering the bands. 


The scarcity of space is an unfortunate side effect of modern urban living. People are always looking for stuff that is space saving and portable. And yes! You can quickly toss resistance bands into your drawer, carry them in suitcases while traveling, and also keep them in the boot of your car. Lightweight, foldable, sturdy and unbreakable; they are sure to be your all-time workout companion wherever you go. If you take a sneak peek into a fitness freak’s travel bag, you will surely find a set of resistance bands. 


Due to income constraints and financial responsibilities, everyone can't invest a fortune in health. Unlike celebrities, we cannot have full-time dietitians and trainers track every move and give expert advice round the clock. However, health is a crucial aspect of your life and only you can help yourself with the resources available at hand. Resistance Bands are affordable and can be brought home at a price equal to your weekly grocery expenditure. They don’t spoil quickly and can last a few years. They aren’t high maintenance or electricity consuming devices. Resistance bands are budget accessories and there's no reason you are working out without them!


As a beginner, you need proper guidance, else you put yourself at risk of getting hurt during the process of burning calories. Muscle pulls, cramps, and injuries are common speed breakers in your fitness journey. Hiring a fitness coach and paying for health trainers could be financially taxing. Furthermore, it requires ample time and dedication to head towards the gym. Using free weights and sophisticated exercise equipment may lead to injuries in absence of proper guidance. To combat all issues at once, get yourself a set of resistance bands. You’re unlikely to get injured with bands and they are quite easy to use. Some of them can be clamped to your door and will give you versatile exercise alternatives. Usually accompanied by a brief user manual, they are ready to use as soon as you open the box. 


Resistance Bands don’t demand an entire overhaul of your workout program. They can be added to your current training and will add better variety and impact a the same time. Your 28 min circuit training is now more productive by adding this external resistance gear. Multi-faceted and easily adaptable, they are a great way to reach your fitness goals. Available in varied designs and features, you can take your pick as per your needs.


The next time you look at a person jogging in the park with a terrific toned body, don’t assume it's only because of running. There must be some kind of resistance training involved for that person to have such a fit and toned body. Running, swimming, Zumba or any form of cardiovascular exercise burn calories which lead to weight loss. Muscle toning requires proper resistance training; whether you enroll in a gym or opt for a home workout, resistance bands need to be incorporated into your regime. 

If you have been recently browsing health and fitness workouts; it isn’t a surprise to know that body strength goes a long way in burning fat, maintaining a healthy weight and toning your body. Coupled with body weight exercises, resistance works on your muscles and gives them shape. Be it concentric (lifting) or eccentric (lowering) forms of any exercise, resistance bands will offer better form, motion, and strength. You can maintain standardized consistency at each set or accelerate it by adding more resistance. 


With free weights, you often under-perform certain muscle groups while with resistance bands, you actually hit nearly all muscles by including different exercises. With weight lifting, people are often hasty with the eccentric form which in turn reduces the impact of the exercise. Resistance bands, on the other hand, combat these issues to help you improve your form. A classic example will be comparing bicep curl with free weights to resistance bands. With free weights, you feel maximum pressure at the beginning of the arc while with resistance bands the muscles work harder towards the latter part of the arc. Technically, they balance the mechanical load during the exercise leading to effectiveness and avoiding injuries. 

There are a plethora of exercise alternatives available when you plan to add these bands to your training program. While some may prefer the traditional band exercises, others may use them for the advanced forms. Certain varieties of resistance bands come with additional bands that can be leveled up to increase intensity. Some even come with handles for your hands and feet to spread the pump in every part of the body. 

Modifying your fitness routine with resistance bands will strengthen your muscle fibers and offer awesome flexibility. They stimulate muscles and if you shorten your rest time between circuits, you’ll be surprised to discover the stamina you can build. Resistance bands aren’t just for strength training; when done in the proper form they also render cardio benefits making the workout sweaty. It goes a long way in better cardiovascular health, improved metabolism and effective training results. Irrespective of age or gender, resistance bands are definitely a great fitness gear to own!

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