A Guide To Yoga Mudra For Losing Weight

A Guide To Yoga Mudra For Losing Weight

By avataranitasingh


With the changes in the living styles, food habits, workouts, etc, it is getting difficult to keep up a healthy and fit body. Increase in body weight and mass, and obesity is becoming a common issue among many across the world. You too might be one of them, wondering how to lose that extra fat from your body. Most of the people prefer workouts and going to the gym over any other methods for their weight loss. But the problem with workouts is that you cannot take a chance to skip your scheduled sessions. Hence, another alternative for the gym is yoga. Yoga exercises will help you in reducing the specific part of the body that you wish to lose and help you in getting your body in shape.

Before you start with these yoga exercises, it is essential to know the basic mudras of yoga. Mudra means ‘seal’ in Sanskrit. The best option to lose weight at home is through the yoga mudras. This is an easy practice that you can do it even at your homes directly. Few mudras which help in weight loss are as follows:

Surya Mudra

The Sanskrit word for sun is Surya. It helps in increasing the fire element in your body.


1. Sit up or stand straight.

2. Keep your hands in front of you and hold them.

3. Bend ring finger of each of your hand in a way that it touches the mound of the thumb.

4. Press your ring fingers with the help of your thumbs.

5. Make sure that the other fingers of your hands are straight.

6. You can practice the Surya mudra for about 45 minutes or split them up into three sessions of 15 minutes each.


1. Practicing this mudra will help your body to get heated up and helps in raising the metabolism.

2. It is an excellent posture and practice for those of you who want to lose weight.

3. It is also used in treating a common cold.

Linga Mudra

Linga is phallus in Sanskrit. It increases the heat of the body through focusing on the fire element inside your body.


1. You can do this mudra by standing up or being seated.

2. Bring both of your hands in front of the body and hold them together in such a way that the fingers intertwine with each other.

3. Make sure that your left thumb points upwards vertically and with the help of your thumb and index finger of your right hand encircle it.

4. Hold this posture for about 15 minutes while breathing normally.


1. This mudra will generate an ample amount of heat in your body and helps in combating the cold.

2. It helps in boosting the immune system in the body and makes your body to resist the cold and other similar kinds of infections.

3. The linga mudra also has the benefits in the respiratory system in the body as it helps to loosen the phlegm accumulated in the throat in the body.

4. It also helps in reducing the weight loss.

Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi mudra helps in equalizing element of earth or Prithvi inside your body. This mudra also helps in activating the root chakra in your body.


1. You can do the Prithvi mudra by sitting down in the lotus pose, or the Padma asana, or easy pose, or the Sukha asana. You can also do this by standing up in the mountain pose or the Tada asana.

2. Then touch the tips of both of your thumbs with the help of the ring fingers of both the hands. Make sure that the other fingers point out straight.

3. Hold on to this position for a while.


1. Anybody can perform this asana.

2. It helps in balancing the various elements present inside your body.

3. It helps in providing strength to your body and reduces the level of fatigue.

4. Practicing this will help you in boosting up your self-confidence and the belief in your own self.

Surabhi Mudra


1. Make the tip of your ring finger of each hand touch the tip your little fingers of the other hand.

2. Then touch the tips of your index fingers to the tip of middle fingers of the other hand.

3. Gently make your thumbs touch each other.

4. Perform this at least for 30 to 45 minutes.


1. It is one of the most powerful mudras.

2. It helps you to use the power and strength of all the different elements in your body.

3. It helps to maintain mental peace and improves the concentration.

The above-mentioned mudras are very helpful in maintaining a good physique and practicing them on the regular basis will surely change your lifestyle. These mudras will surely help you to get rid of weight and problems related to the increased weight. Make sure that you spend enough time in practicing them daily and then see your body getting shaped up as desired.

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