A Few Hacks to Keep You On Top Of Things

A Few Hacks to Keep You On Top Of Things

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Our world has become so fast-paced it is not even metaphorical to describe it “mobile”. Just look around you! You see people staring down at their smartphones. Cars running past by us. And the digital world dishing out information to us in the blink of an eye. 

Still, we humans need to establish control or we’ll feel a bit lost amidst all this. The great thing is we can use technology, from paper to fabric to metal, to help us stay on top of things. Here are a few tips you can try today. They involve commonplace things, but you’ll be surprised at how they can truly add value to your day to day.

Get yourself a trusty laptop - Acer Aspire 4349

Make sure you’re not only buying a laptop that looks fancy on the outside. I mean, get yourself a toughie like an Acer Aspire model. Having a trusty laptop can go a long way. Mine’s even a hand-me-down from my dad, after my original laptop broke down. I’ll give it to my dad for taking good care of whatever gadget he owns. But this baby is also reliable as it is. If you are big on multimedia creation like me, you can rest assured this can handle the work. It runs smoothly with its 320 GB drive and 2 GB RAM. This is value for money for a mid-end mobile computer.

Go old school - Moleskine Journal

Ah, yes. The notebook that Ernest Hemingway is said to have used (although I heard that’s just a legend? Good marketing tactic, though). With or without the backstory, Moleskine is now a bookstore shelf mainstay. Its thick, solid cover is hard to miss, especially if it comes in your favorite color. And those pages! Ruled or not, each leaf can become a writer’s or an artist’s blank slate. 

I got the smallest one because I tend to lose interest in big notebooks. But this tiny journal has become the vessel of my scattered thoughts. I look forward to finishing this sweet thing before I move on to another. Let’s see how many collection of memories will I come up with this year.

Protect your stuff - Off Toco Waterproof Camera Backpack

Traveling with gadgets and gear? I’ve got a reco for you! This camera backpack from Japanese brand Off Toco will be your go-to storage from now on. It has been mine since I and my other photography enthusiast friend bought it. 

Its outer fabric sure looks high-quality and also looks the part. It comes with detachable dividers, so you can customize the compartments inside. I use it to carry my mirrorless camera and sometimes throw in there my vanity kit. There’s much space to work with this one. There’s also a side pocket to fasten your tripod in. Plus, it’s somehow waterproof (something I discovered when I walked with it under a drizzle). 

Flow with time - Anne Klein Watch for Women

Want to stay on top of things? Wear time on your wrist. Now, get yourself an Anne Klein.

I’ve always liked Anne Klein since my first non-plastic watch was an Anne Klein. And it lasted well until my mid-20s! I think it just needed a battery replacement. And it was waterproof, so my stingy heart was so happy I could swim with it and not worry about it dying on me. 

But for a change, I got a  new one two years ago. It’s silver with a stretchable wristband. I honestly feel a little disoriented when I am not wearing it. Just looking at it lets me know how much time I still have when doing tasks or meeting with people or simply enjoying my break.

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