9 Essential Video Camera Accessories

9 Essential Video Camera Accessories

By avatarneha

Shooting videos aren’t tough anymore. With technological advancements, any layman with a DSLR can shoot good videos. However, if you are serious about shooting movies or videos, having the right gear/accessories will go a long way. In this article, I will shed some light on the essential video camera accessories to make your life easier. 

Budding videographers and photographers can get overwhelmed by the amount of information available online. This simple guide will talk about essential accessories instead of cameras. These video camera accessories will not only help you shoot amazing videos, they’ll also make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re serious about building a great video kit, read on. To make things easy, I’ve included the best product along with the accessory mentioned. Here goes:

1. Tripod

By far the most important accessory of them all is the tripod. There are a plethora of accessories available on the market for both beginners and seasoned videographers. A tripod can do wonders for your video as well as photo shooting skills. 

Camera jerks look really bad especially when shooting motion videos. Handheld video shoots are great, and if you have a gimbal, many things become easier. However, you can’t beat the classic tripod. There are endless configurations available. I suggest go with a simple tripod for starters and work your way up. Nowadays, there are carbon fiber tripods which are light and sturdy. You can also choose one with a multi-adjustable ball and fluid head.

My recommendation: Buy the Manfrotto 545GBK Professional Video Tripod System with 526 head. Manfrotto is the best in the business and the 545GBK is an excellent tripod.

2. Gimbal

Whether you’re an aspiring YouTube video developer, an amateur blogger, or a professional videographer; the only thing that sets you apart is great visual content. 

The hardest part of shooting a video is camera stability. Thanks to Gimbal stabilizers, our lives are easier now. A Gimbal is a device which works on a 3-axis concept and keeps your camera stable no matter how much you move it or shake it. I won’t go into much detail here and I would suggest you Google information about gimbals. However, I will strongly recommend purchasing a gimbal to take your videos to the next level.

My recommendation: Buy the DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer. I’ve used a few DJI products and honestly, they are all top-notch. 

3. Monopod 

A monopod is an amazing accessory for several reasons. This accessory is compact and extremely versatile. You can find an endless number of carbon fiber monopods that have the ability to hold an unbelievable amount of weight. Not only that, you’ll find it easy when adjusting the height. Do you know that monopods are great for maneuvering through crowds?

Even though a monopod isn’t as steady as a full-fledged tripod, it’ll make things a lot easier for you. It even provides great, sharp shots than handheld. 

My recommendation: Manfrotto Xpro 5 Carbon Fiber. Another great product from Manfrotto. There are a few other Monopods by lesser known brands which might be better than this. However, since this is made by Manfrotto, I’m recommending it.

4. Neutral Density Filter (ND Filters)

While shooting videos, mastering shutter speed can become an issue. The frame rate can cause glitches and in case your shutter speed gets too fast then your picture looks choppy and weird.

Thanks to Neutral Density Filter (or ND filter), this issue is sorted. That’s not all, ND filters also help you while shooting outdoors by giving you a wide aperture in sunlight. Lastly, this accessory also helps you choose a smoother exposure (whether increasing or decreasing).

This equipment is used extensively in still photography as well. These filters help to cut down extreme light penetrating into the lens. 

My recommendation: Buy the Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter. It’s one of the best on the market. Alternatively, go for the Hoya 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter.

5. Shoulder Rig

A video camera and its related gear can get heavy. There comes a time when your hands will start aching after prolonged shooting. Here, a shoulder rig comes in extremely handy. It provides firmness and support, letting you rest the camera on your shoulder. Also, you get a number of option to attach various accessories like mixers and microphones.

My recommendation: Red Rock Micro Field Cinema Rig

6. Lighting

Lighting and composition create a big difference between an average video and a great videos. The need for a lighting setup differs from one scene to another as well as one from one shooting style to another.

There’s been a significant reduction in the price of lighting over the last few years with the arrival of LED lighting for video shooting. Also, there are many lesser-known brands in the market which offer decent lighting solutions at meager costs. 

In case you’re on a budget, I would suggest that you go for cheaper makes as they would suffice for amateur videography. When your budget increases, go in for professional lighting. Lowel is a great brand which has a wide array of different lighting kits

7. Extra Camera Batteries

Packing extra sets of batteries for your video camera and lavalier microphones is something you don’t want to ignore. Professional videographers make sure they carry extra batteries for their video cameras. Fortunately, most batteries are low-priced and you can buy plenty to never run out of juice.

The manufacturers of advanced DSLR cameras offer batteries with a higher capacity compared to those that come stock with cameras.

8. Camera Bag

It comes as no surprise that a camera bag is one of the must-have video camera accessories. Depending on how much equipment you have for the shoot, you can get more than one type of bag for your DSLR and other vital gear. Getting a big one will be a good idea because it’ll easily hold all of your necessary accessories you need. That way you can transport or even store your accessories with ease and without any damages.

9. Extra Storage Cards

New, advanced video cameras record videos on SD memory cards. When recording 4K or full HD 1080p video, these cards can fill up faster than you think. Thus, having extra high-capacity, high-speed SD memory cards is beneficial. When it comes to choosing the right storage card; you must stress on the card speed and the capacity. 4K video recordings demand the fastest write speed of SD memory cards. 

Also, please note that while shooting videos in RAW mode, space demands are huge. You can easily run out of memory within minutes. Ensure that you have ample extra SD cards while shooting in RAW mode or 4K videos. 

Just a little heads-up. SD memory cards are classified based on storage capacity and write speed. More important than the storage capacity is the write speed of the SD card. Write speed refers to the speed at which video shooting is recorded on the SD card. 

Video formats and HD resolutions nowadays need high write-speed. Ensure that you purchase a Class 10 SD memory card irrespective of the storage. Higher write speed cards are more expensive than their slower counterparts, however, I would recommend that you bit the bullet and purchase the Class 10 SD memory cards. They will surely go a long way for you!

Hope this video camera accessory guide helps you assemble your future video camera gear kit. If you have any questions, do let me know and I would do my best to address them. Happy shooting!

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