5 Unique Articles For The Business Traveler Woman

5 Unique Articles For The Business Traveler Woman

By avatarLuvv

You are about to travel for business and you do not have time to prepare your luggage. You want to look professional without losing your style and enjoy the trip while you're there. You need good luggage as well as other products that solve your life and are key for everything to meet your expectations.

You need to keep yourself out of stress and be feminine, trendy and unique as you are.

In this article I present you five very different products that have proven to me to be essential allies to travel with style.

1. Toppu Slim Backpack - Toppu 702

For this trips you need a special backpack. You can not go unnoticed, let alone carry a suitcase that does not represent you. This backpack is specially created for business people who travel frequently and need to give an impression between professional and adventurous.

But do not stay there: this backpack not only a "looks good", but also is extremely practical to transport both notebooks or ipads as work elements.

You must prepare a document for a meeting minutes before flying? That is no longer a concern. This backpack leaves you with a special pocket to store sheets A3 and A4, something unusual in common backpacks - no matter how big they are In addition, its shape lets you carry it as a backpack or as a briefcase.

2. GreenLighting - Solar Phone Charger

One of the most useful products that I have known in the last time. In the maelstrom of travel often our phone loses its load soon. When arriving in other countries, a common problem is that we do not find plugs in the same way as we do. The Solar Phone Charger ends that problem: as its name says. You need solar energy to charge your phone. We just have to try to fully charge the charger to be able to use it in the airplane window.

3. Travelmate - Neck Pillow

Now, you're already sitting in your plane seat. The flight is about to leave and finally you can relax yourself. I can assure you that there is NOTHING more perfect for that moment than this small and comfortable Travelmate memory foam pillow.

Who does not want to rest during a flight? It is something that for many people seems impossible, but the comfort that this small but simple and evolved product of Travelmate makes possible.

4.  Hummustir - Mediterranean, Organic Fresh Hummus 

Is it time to eat and the food on the plane does not appeal to you at all? Maybe you are a vegetarian like me or you care a lot about your diet, consuming only organic foods. Done, the condition is over. Hummustir has a perfect solution for us.

This hummus is particularly ideal to be consumed during flights. You can remove it from your backpack and prepare it instantly. Your body will undoubtedly thank you for the gentleness of its natural and organic flavor, which will help you enjoy your flight.

5.  Darren Hardy - The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

You already ate and the long-awaited moment of reading arrived. You have spent time postponing important readings that you know will help you in your business. Do not doubt it: The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy is a new classic in business books. It explains in a clear and simple way the foundations of entrepreneurship and helps to give the necessary footprint to advance in this dizzying ride.

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