5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone

By avatarKolapo

I recently developed interest in different types of tech gadgets I can lay my hand on and drones happens to top the list. Drones are a type of aerial vehicle without human pilot on it while on flight. 

Whether you are buying a drone for fun or professional aerial shots, there are several decisions that needs to go into consideration before you invest your hard-earned money.

In this article, I will be sharing some important factors you should consider before buying a drone. However, this advice is not only for first time drone buyers or enthusiast, as an experienced drone pilot, you need to find what new feature you want to explore when buying a new drone.

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1. Drone Type

There are different types of drone in the market that serve different needs. Some drones are meant for photography, videography while some drones are specifically built to take aerial sport shots for both photos and videos. 

The most common and expensive types of drones are the videography and the sport drones because they comes in larger sizes, more motors that powers it and are highly durable.

Before you decide what drone model you should buy, deciding the type that works for you is where you should start from. Most starters however prefer to buy a drone for photography and videography to learn drone flying.

2. Drone Material

Believe it or not, drones can crash at any point in time and you wouldn't love to lose your big investment after some few flights. Drones are manufactured by wide ranges of materials such as plastic, fiberglass, or even some touch of wood or aluminium. 

You can just try out the aluminium drones for learning purpose only as it comes cheap and more likely to get damaged at first crash. It is advisable to go for durability if you are really into flying drone for a professional level or hobby. The same applies to the complementing materials that comes with the drone such as propellers, landing gears, lens cover and all. 

Buying just any type of drone out there without critically looking into the kind of material used can waste your money and time, imagine your drone mistakenly hitting a tree or street pole.

3. Battery Life

Have you ever thought about your drones falling off from a height just because the battery is low and it runs out of power. This is another great important factor you should consider when buying a drone. Drones are typically fly for about 15 - 30 minutes for entry-level drone pilot. 

However, you can decide to to buy extra drone batteries should there be a need to fly your drone for longer duration. Toy grade drone batteries can last up-to 10 minutes while some mid-level drones can stay for about 20 minutes depending on factors such as the height of the flight, movement speed and camera actions.

Getting extra batteries is not only for flying for few extra minutes, you can as well lease the battery to other pilots. It is however advisable to wait for 10 minutes before changing the drone battery if it runs out of power by itself.

4. Replaceable Parts

Drones are just as fragile like every other gadgets out there and if you don’t take care of it very well it will probably not long last. There is not guarantee that your drone won’t experience little amounts of bumping here and there or crash which can lead to damage of some major parts such as propeller, landing gear etc. It is advisable that you do a background check of the drones you want to buy and the availability of replacement parts should there be a need to do that. 

Consider shipping or regional factors that may hinder the manufacturer from getting replacement parts across to you as soon as you may need them. Some of the most common replaceable parts that might need replacement are propellers, batteries, controllers, motors and landing gear.

5. Trusted Drone Blogs Of Websites

You can’t just wake up one day and head to the market in search of a drone you saw an American army personnel flying without knowing its name or detailed specifications to help you shape your buying decisions. 

To be on the safer side, read through as many blog as you can before you decide which type of drones you’ll like to buy. Some websites only write not to trustworthy drone reviews to lure you into buying the wrong drones from them. 

Alternatively, you can watch YouTube reviews of the drones, if you were unable to verify the authenticity of the reviews you found on any websites.

The above listed are the basic knowledge you need to equip yourself with before buying a drone. For more tips about drone and tech gadgets, follow #justtechie on Superble.

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