5 smart multifuntional home devices that will transform your space

5 smart multifuntional home devices that will transform your space

By avatarOluwatoyin

Home Sweet Home! Home is where the heart is no matter the size or location.Being home is a treasure, there’s this atmosphere, I love being home it’s my haven. And designing it to be welcoming and comfortable for me is a pleasurable task. I believe that everything could have more than one use and could be more interesting than its mundane usual function. No matter your personality either you are an introvert and love been alone or an extrovert who loves having people around, or in-between like me, it’s a joy to have an interesting home. I found some cool alternatives to home devices and accessories that will wow you.


Behind a door usually, we ask “who’s there?” but with this door, it is “What’s there?” Say Hello to the ping pong door. The door that doubles as a table tennis table, it folds down into a ping pong table. It would suit your home or office.  Apart from making the lunch hour at the office a more fun place to be, this door includes everything you need to evade boredom by transforming your space into a fun and competitive game room. A blessed addition whenever you are throwing a party.

If you are space conscious like me, this is a go-for in your home installation. Don't have enough space for a recreation and fun? You're not alone. I used to wish to have a few recreational activities inside my space, giving me something to do that's not as passive as watching TV and yet fun. The ping pong door looks and functions just like every other door, it has a door handle and can be locked with a key like every regular door, except it is bright green on one side, has a short net stripe across it at the middle of the door. And you can swivel it down to become a ping pong table. Our doors should not just a barrier to keep people out but now a fun fitting.


Though they have different functions they serve the same goal; helping you to look your best. Ironing boards and mirrors are quite a necessity, they are two of the very first things everyone buys when getting their first or new home. Fortunately, neither is ever used at the same time so the genius of having it as one for the person with minimal space. I used to have a small room and when I want to iron I bring out the ironing board and when I am done, I fold it back and keep it behind the bed. A routine I dreaded. The 2 in 1 combo of ironing board and mirror takes away that hassle and beautifies the room. 


Keep your room looking tidy and more beautiful with a TV that converts into a wall art (or a photo frame or mirror) when not in use. I found two ways to achieve this: either by using TV mounts or Just buy the Samsung the Frame TV, except with the TV mount you can have other options of what would be at the back of the TV which is either a Photo frame, an art or a mirror. The Samsung the Frame TV, however, is an actual TV and a natural when it has to turn into a frame you do not have to flip it (which you have to do with the TV mount) 

The Flip around TV mount is only a TV mount, it flips to the other side and reveals your television screen, and the other side has the artwork of your choice or a mirror.

 When the art side is up no one could ever guess that you had a television inside!Samsung the Frame TV has the same cutting-edge picture competencies as new Samsung UHD screens. When you turn the standby mode on though instead of fading to black, The Frame TV blends in with other pictures and art on the wall.

Shock your visitors when you flip that beautiful art into a TV 


This innovative plant pots design called Growth have changed everything! Motivated by the Japanese fine art of origami, these pots grow with the plant, getting bigger (and cooler) to provide more space for soil and roots.

So here we go, less drab space, more fun! 

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