5 Products for the Modern, Metrosexual, On-The-Go Man

5 Products for the Modern, Metrosexual, On-The-Go Man

By avatarHimel

As a man I’ve always been told that men are rugged, unpolished and unheeding of personal care or emotional investments. I let that guide my life for a long time. I have, however, decided that such destructive and regressive ideas about manhood belong in the annals of history. It has been a long time coming, but since I made the decision to actively invest in things that make me happy, and things that add structure and value to my life, I have been able to be much happier. 

Now the process of being a more complete human being is a long drawn one but to start with, you can invest in things that you look forward to using everyday and that make you feel amazing. Here are 5 of the many products that add meaning to my life and I hope it will add to yours too. 

Get Shit Done mug: 

My day doesn’t start without my glossy, ceramic, mug giving me my first pep talk of the day. While naturally appealing to the caffeine freaks - it helps me start off my day with your favorite blend of coffee, and with an extra dose of motivation. We all have an item that we form an inexplicable attachment to. This product that I purchased off Startup Vitamins’ website for 16 dollars, ships to India (my home country) and is generally very accommodating. 

Skinfood’s Beauty in a food Face Masks: 

Growing up, I was often told that men didn’t invest in skincare or use products. However, it’s time we left such outdated and regressive ideas behind and reach out towards a new world. I work very hard and I need to relax. There are few things more relaxing than nutrients and vitamins from different fruits and vegetables such as honey, tomato, watermelon, lemon, Brussel sprouts, black beans, ginseng, coconut and caviar gently rested on your face, your r eyes closed and  gently moisturizing your face in a cool room. Just throw it on, sit back for 20 mins and wake up to a hydrated and nourished face.  Skinfood’s Beauty in a Skin facemasks are some of the best products I’ve bought.

The TIMEX T498759J EXPEDITION Military watch: 

A part of living in the modern world is the occasional hikes, that odd nature-fueled city cleanse, that yearning to be vintage in a fast-moving world, which brings me to my third favorite product: The TIMEX T498759J EXPEDITION. The case is vintage, the dial is basic yet has a personality, the hands are unique and the military strap holds everything together to make a great watch out of the box, and all for a pretty measly price. If you crave that Don Draper flare (without the 60s sexism of course), if you like the feeling of cool mountain breeze ruffling your hair, this watch is for you.

Sony XB950N1 Noise- Canceling Headphones: 

As a 21st Century man, you also need to prepared for the play. Who doesn’t love bass, right? The Sony XB950N1 are headphones with an over-ear design that provides a premium sound canceling feature. We’re talking you-in-a-spaceship sound canceling, something to helps you cut off from the world. The headband are comfortably padded in leather to provide an extremely comfortable experience even when using it for a long period. It is extremely simple and minimalistic. The black plastic and black metal adjustment sliders make them feel sturdy and contribute to durability so you don’t break them and have to keep buying new ones. Bonus for backpackers: the XB950N1 can fold flat and comes with a simple cloth pouch.

Moleskine Classic Notebook: 

What do you do on weekends? On weekends, I like to sit back and plan for my long term and short term goals. That requires a lot of writing, and an environment good enough to hold my most intimate ideas and my most deeply, personally ambitious intent. Thankfully, I have a Moleskine that makes my ideas feel worthy and possible. Moleskine offers you thick ivory pages that are craving to hold your ideas, thoughts and lists.  

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