5 Must Haves For A Youtuber

5 Must Haves For A Youtuber

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Becoming a Youtuber is one of the recent trends everyone is heading towards due to the ease of becoming one. The YouTube platform makes it easy for anyone to share contents on their website for lots of benefits such as monetization which is the most important, fame and imparting knowledge to others.

Kindly read these 5 important must-haves to becoming a YouTuber as soon as possible.

1. Camera

Obviously, Camera is the most important piece of equipment anyone needs to start a filmmaking or youtube channel. You don't have to go expensive with it from start, a nice youtube video can be shot with the quality smartphone camera. Mobile phones manufacturers are putting extra efforts into smartphone production and as such making it an alternative route to begin your YouTube video hobby or career. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, is equipped with great shutter speed, white balance with a quality 13-megapixel camera. The iPhone 6S plus on the other hand comes with an 8-megapixel camera capable of recording ultra high-resolution video at 4K resolution and a moderate level of stability as well as other amazing features.

Subsequently, you can purchase a professional camera such as the Canon Canon EOS Rebel T6i kit and many other cameras to shoot more quality videos for your YouTube channel.


2. Microphone

The audio quality of a video is as important than the visual and even at times makes the most of the video. A microphone is a crucial equipment for anyone who is interested in recording Youtube videos. If your audiences are finding it difficult to hear you it will lead to less following and probably unsubscribe from your just growing channel. However, getting a microphone requires some level of technical knowledge depending on the type of camera you will be using the microphone with, for a smartphone video any type of wireless microphone works fine. A DSLR camera might require a video Mic that can be clipped unto your shirt while you record the video. For optimum quality assurance, your microphone should include a transmitter, receiver, and a lavalier microphone. Wireless microphones are prefered over wired microphones as it makes it easier for you to record on the move and most times can be invisible giving your video more professional view.

However, if you will be shooting a podcast or a sit talk video, a condenser microphone can be placed on your desk to record.

3. Tripod

Tripods are yet another important equipment to begin recording YouTube videos. A Tripod is a great equipment for filming a Youtube video and any other type of video as it helps maintain the stability of objects in the camera. It is advisable to buy a tripod that is lightweight and has a lot of features such as microphone clip, adjustable stands and many more. 

There are quite a number of smartphone tripods on the market that can be purchased online, to begin with, and you can purchase a more advanced tripod as time goes on.


4. Video Editing App/Software

A video editing software allows you to add some features, scenes of your production and make it more professional. It can be a mobile application or PC software such as the Adobe premiere and similar others. You can add different beginning, ending or even cut a part of your video with these applications. You can as well add subtitles to the video and some kind of animations, especially when you are making instructional videos.

5. Gimbal

Gimbal ensures you get a stable view of your recording when you are filming a youtube video especially when you are shooting on a move. Gimbal is a very useful for any type of Youtuber as it helps for capturing footage that is free from shaky views and looks professional. It comes in varieties of materials, plastic, metal and can be used with either mobile smartphones or professional cameras. Gimbal makes it easier for Youtuber to record stable videos that will look more professional even if it was shot with smartphone.

Above all, it's advised to practice some short videos with these equipment, read online reviews before buying any of the equipment and watch how-to videos on YouTube to promote quality contents.

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