5 Must Have Devices For a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Must Have Devices For a Healthy Lifestyle

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"10 out of 10 people die, don't take life too seriously". While it's OK not to be too hard on yourself and take life easy, it's also important you take full responsibility of your health, so that you don't give the grim reaper an open invitation to cut short your time on planet earth. Positive or negative, high or low, these are parameters that define how healthy you're, and they had best be determined or measured by these smart devices that are revolutionizing health care for good. 


The importance of a good night rest can’t be overemphasized. As this is when your body system goes into hibernation, relaxes, removes toxic products and make major repairs. Sleep tracking devices effectively do the job of watching over individuals when they are sleeping. So you need not deprive yourself of sleep as you watch over your ill child. These devices track when you go to bed, when you fall asleep, when you are in deep sleep and also when you wake up. Sleep tracking devices can also wake you up with soothing sounds or music and warn you when you are short of sleep. These devices can transmit information of your sleeping patterns to your smart phones, and also pay attention to your movements, breathing, snoring and heart rate so as to diagnose sleeping illness and offer good advice on how to sleep better. 


Exercise is really vital to overall health, and maintaining the optimum weight is really important since looking emaciated or obese both make us susceptible to a plethora of diseases. So you are familiar with fitness trackers that count the steps you take and calories you burn and you probably think that’s all to it. The makers of new generation fitness trackers are certainly not relenting in making us feel and look healthy. From smart scales that measure weight and body fat percentage to fitness trackers that measure pulse and help build muscles appropriately, these devices are taking fitness to the next level. 


These devices are certainly making life better for diabetics as they are an improvement on the traditional bulky blood glucose meter. With a portable design, these detachable devices are attached to the bottom of smart phones, and after taking the blood sample with a lancet and placing it on the test trip, the device records your glucose level and displays it on the phone. This result can also be sent to your physician. 


While high blood pressure is the leading culprit in heart diseases and stroke, low blood pressure though not as common or dangerous as hypertension should also be avoided as it comes with its health implications. Smart blood pressures are now wireless  and can connect with your smartphone to give you recordings and readings of your blood pressure. These devices also measure your heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, and can also be programmed to remind you of when to use your medications and take your blood pressure readings. There are also smart IPhone cases that monitor vital signs just by touching them for few seconds. 


No longer do you have to wait for a long period of time to determine if you or any member of your family has a fever with traditional clinical thermometers. These smart devices  measure your body temperature in few seconds to effectively diagnose a fever. Some even come with added capabilities of reading pulse rate, blood pressure and keeping records of changes in temperature that can be sent to a physician.

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