5 Features You Should Check When Buying A Laptop

5 Features You Should Check When Buying A Laptop

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Laptops are just more than computers. A companion like no other, being a  favorite tech device for work and play. Well, the evolution of technology especially when it comes to tech devices has been mouth opening. While many brands are out there with different product and a feature that distinguishes a new product from the previous model, picking up a new one can be quite difficult. Budget should be put into considerations first because the greater the features, the higher the price. The good new is, there is one for everyone that will fit into your budget after all. 

Check out some of the features and see what you should look out basically for when you are buying a new laptop.

1. Screen Size & resolution

Laptops comes in different screen size and resolutions which in turn affects the display of the laptop computers. The size of the laptop screen such as 14'', 15'' or 17'' inches affects the display of the laptop computer. Getting the right laptop screen is one of the most important features that must be considered when buying a laptop depending on the core operation the laptop will perform such as watching movies, typing documents or using softwares. Buying a laptop with little LED screen can hurt the eyesight and be stressful as well.

2. Operating System

Laptop operating system depends on the brand and other features of the laptop. Windows laptops are the most popular operating system being an affordable products unlike Mac laptops that are few in the markets and more expensive. Choosing laptops based on the operating system depends on the functions you want it to perform. Window are easy, free to upgrade while most Mac updates requires paying for it making it more expensive.

3. Random Access Memory

Most popular laptops in the market have upto 8GB RAM depending on the manufacturers. Laptops with great RAM capacity offers great multitasking features such as using powerful background and power consuming softwares at a time. The central processing unit speed is also an important feature when buying a good system with large RAM capacity as it affects the running and functions of the system. The difference in the laptop RAM gave birth to the term "Hybrid Laptop" which is a type of laptop that combines the functionalities of mobile phones, tablets and laptop into a single device. It performs multipurpose functions on the same screen such as playing games, watching movies and doing other serious tasks.

4. Keyboard and Touchpad

The laptop keyboard and touchpad are the most frequently used components of the laptop. The durability of the keyboard will affect activities that requires typing or data input, the touchpad is the same thing mouse which is a tool you can't do without when operating a laptop system. Some category of laptop users prefer using external mouse or even external keyboard to enhance productivity and speed. The external mouse or keyboard can either be wireless or wired but the wireless are the most preferred among 21st century users. When buying a Laptop, especially when it's used don't hesitate to check the space in between keys and try as much as possible to test run the keyboard very well. 

5. Extra Features

Some of the most important extra features are the laptop battery life, warranty, color, model and service centers. Laptops with stronger batteries are commonly used by users who multi tasks often on their laptop. The laptop warranty guarantees a user some level of incentives should there be any damage with the laptop that requires repair or even exchange of the laptop system. Color of the laptop can affect user productive level with the laptop, if you choose a Laptop color you don't like, you will find it difficult to use it more often. 

The above listed are features all laptop buyers should watch out for when buying a new or used laptops. However, to avoid technical issues it is advised to buy new laptops. Check online for affordable new hybrid laptops.

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