Ask a kid to draw the image of the sun, and I can bet that four out of five times, the sun will be drawn smiling. While the sun is always beaming at us, and giving us the much needed Vitamin D which is essential for bone health, the sun also emits harmful ultraviolet radiation which causes sun spots, wrinkles, cataracts, acne and its worst outcome; skin cancer. So it becomes imperative that we all practice sun protection habits to stay healthy and get the much elusive spotless skin. Below are five effective sun protection tactics everyone should practice to maintain good health.


Finding shade when the sun is blazing hot is probably the most effective sun protection tactics. And thankfully, commercial shades and canopies are gradually becoming popular in most public places, and under these shades, is a cool and soothing atmosphere. To the men, carrying an umbrella when it’s sunny doesn’t make you less of a man. An umbrella is your go to mobile shade, and what’s also amazing about them is that some are very fashionable and offer Ultra Violet radiation protection.


Sunglasses aren’t just meant to give you that cool men in black look, they are actually meant for what they were named after. Cataracts, corneal sunburn and eyelid cancer, to mention a few, are examples of eye conditions that result from sun damage. While the skin can rejuvenate, that can’t be said of the eyes. This is why it’s important to wear sunglasses with UV protection. Sunglasses with anti-glare properties are an extra incentive for individuals who are light sensitive.


Not only will you be practicing ineffective sun protection tactics by not wearing sunscreen, you’ll also be exposing yourself to the very penetrative and damaging ultraviolet radiations that are responsible for premature aging, sun burn, and skin cancer which causes 75% of skin cancer death. Choosing the right sunscreen then becomes very important since all sunscreen don’t offer full protection. This is why it’s vital to look out for sunscreens that are photostabilzed to offer long duration of protection and sunscreens that offer broad range protection against both UV-A and UV-B protection. In instances where you run out of sunscreen, be certain that you’re always equipped with skin care products that contain some amount of SPF (Sun protection Factor).


You can never go wrong with hats. Not only do they make you look fashionable, you also become sun smart. The sun’s rays are damaging to the skin when in excess, this is why it’s important to wear a hat to prevent some of the sun rays from reaching the delicate face. Wide brim hats are generally the best since they’re bigger and offer better protection, yet not everybody is comfortable wearing them, and they certainly don’t go with all styles of dressing. So face caps and baseball caps are good alternatives as well.


It is a sun smart strategy to avoid the sun between the hours of 10am and 4pm. This is the peak period when the sun is at its greatest intensity, with harmful UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface in abundance. Thus planning your schedule to limit sun exposure during the peak periods is very essential for general well being since chronic sun exposure lowers immunity, adds to stress and dehydrates the body. Wearing protective clothing with high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is also important as they offer greater protection than regular clothing that are easily penetrated by ultraviolet radiation.

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