5 Awesome Benefits of Getting Fake Tattoos

5 Awesome Benefits of Getting Fake Tattoos

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Fake tattoos are awesome!

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Are you wondering whether you should get a tattoo? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Sooner or later most people will need to think about tattoos and whether they should try them out. So, the question is: what should you do? Well… you could always try out fake tattoos!

Fake tattoos are temporary images on your skin. They can be created through processes like drawing, painting, airbrushing, and the application of stickers.

But why should you opt for this kind of tattoo as opposed to permanent tattoos?

Well, as it so happens, there are a number of awesome benefits associated with fake tattoos. You should bear them in mind if you are wondering whether to get some kind of image imprinted onto your skin.

1. Fake Tattoos Are Easy To Remove

Not every person who gets a tattoo does so when fully committed to having images on their skin for a lifetime. There are many reasons as to why people get tattoos and live to regret their actions. Some do it while drunk and others do it on a dare.

And then there are people who tattoo themselves using love symbols because they are blindly in love. The problem comes in later when the rose-colored lenses come off and they end up full of regrets and have to deal with body art that is difficult to remove.

Oh, dear!

There is also the fact that you may get over your tattoo phase. And when this phase is over, you may embark on certain lifestyle and career changes that will bring you face-to-face with people who may end up judging you based on your body art. And the perceptions that they have of you may end up costing you good job opportunities or promotions.

You could of course go ahead to have them removed via laser tattoo removal. But that won’t come cheap. The average cost of laser tattoo removal is said to range from $200-$500. And that’s per session! 

Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 3-10 treatment sessions to remove a permanent tattoo. So, that cost should range from $600-$5000 and above depending on the tattoo you would want to remove.


And that’s why fake tattoos are worthy of your consideration. These images will only stay on your body for a time. The nature of the inks used ensures that the images can be removed using alcohol or oil while others like henna will fade away eventually. And you also have tattoo stickers that don’t last long either. And in the end, this ensures that you do not end up with decorative or symbolic images that you look at with regret all the time.

So, if you are not sure that you want any kind of permanent images etched on your skin, you would do well to give fake tattoos a try.

2. Temporary Tattoos Offer a Chance to Try Out a Variety of Designs


You only have so much skin surface area to work on. If you choose to go the permanent tattoo route, there is only so many tattoo designs that you can incorporate. Eventually, you will end up running out of skin space and have to give up about trying other body art designs.

That would not be the case though if you opted for fake tattoos. Henna tattoos for example, will fade away as the skin renews itself. Tattoo stickers will come out after a few washes. Other types of temporary tattoos can be dissolved in oil or alcohol-based removers. What this means is that after a while, you will once again have a blank slate that you can use in order to try out a new design. 

You could choose to put on a symbolic body art design to celebrate your loved one or a special cause to your heart one day, and then imprint a fun and nonsensical design a few weeks from now when the occasion calls for it. And this is something that you can do over and over again for years to come without running out of skin surface.

Isn’t that great?

3. With Fake Tattoos There Is No Pain Involved

The application of permanent tattoos is not a painless endeavor. Needles tend to be involved and that comes with some pain. And the process of using needles to design elaborate images can take quite a long time. And you will experience discomfort throughout the image creation process. The bigger your permanent tattoo, the bigger the wound you will be walking with for a while. 

Is this something that you can handle? Think about it.

And that’s not all. 

You will also have to keep your tattoo-designed skin away from the sun and dirt for a while in order to allow it to recover before you can go out and about to show it off. We are talking about at 2-6 weeks here!

If the thought of needles coming into contact with your body makes you woozy, then you are definitely better off trying out temporary tattoos. There is no pain, soreness, swelling, and a long healing process during which you would not be able to do certain things! When applying henna, you may need to stay still for a few hours to allow the designs to dry out, but that’s basically it. With other types of fake tattoos like tattoo stickers, you put one on and go on your way.

Think of the pain free convenience!

4. Lower Health Risks Associated With Temporary Tattoos

Where needles are concerned, there is always some health risks associated. And this is what makes permanent tattoos risky, especially if you do not take the time to find a properly qualified tattoo artist who observes strict hygienic conditions. Carelessness can cause allergies, and infections that may require you to be treated. A good example of an infection that can be transmitted through the careless use of tattoo needles is Hepatitis C Virus, which can cause liver damage!

Fake tattoos tend to have lower health risks, provided you avoid mixing henna with additives or using tattoo inks that are not FDA-approved. For this reason, you would do well to avoid pre-mixed henna pastes or dodgy tattoo artists or tattoo sticker products. It also helps that with temporary tattoos, there is not open wound for you to deal with, which makes the risks of infections much lower.

5. Fake Tattoos Are More Affordable

Good permanent tattoos done in reputable facilities may end up costing you more money than you are willing to part with.


The average cost of tattoos can start at $50 per hour and go all the way to $300 per hour or more. In the end, you will need to part with hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size or colors, as well as its complexity and reputation of the tattoo artist. Since compromising in this regard is something that can impact your health negatively, you should not do it.

For that reason, fake tattoos are a great option.

For $10-$20, you could get a basic henna design around your wrist or ankles. And according to thumbtack.com, the average henna artist costs $70-$80, which is great because henna designs tend to be elaborate. This price makes them quite affordable. And it is quite common to find tattoo stickers at cheap prices ranging from $5-$15 from companies like Tattly.

Fake tattoos may seem like the easier way out. But in the end, they are the better option when it comes to expressing yourself through body art. They are easy to remove, offer you the chance to try out multiple designs, they are painless, and they have a low health risk, and are affordable. What’s not to like about fake tattoos?

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