5 Amazing Tips To Click A Fabulous Flay-lay Photograph

5 Amazing Tips To Click A Fabulous Flay-lay Photograph

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Throwing your goodies in a surface and clicking a Flat-lay picture is a great trend these days. Specifically for Instagram, Flat-lay photographs can upgrade your Instagram engagement. I firmly believe that Flat-lay photography is an art which can tell a strong story. Trust me it is not something that you can't cook, you just need some tips to follow to come up with a great Instagram Flat-lay. Personally, I am a fan of Flat-lay photography. I upload at least one Flat-lay photograph in a week and honestly, it works as a booster of my Instagram account. Today is all about how can you come up with a fabulous Flat-lay that can go viral on Instagram.  I am not a trained photographer at all, so if I can, I believe that anyone can do it.

5 Amazing Tips To Click A Beautiful Flay-lay Photograph:

Select a Background:

This is the very basic step to come up with a fabulous Flat-lay photograph. Most of the time I select a white background. Sometimes its the white floor of my home or sometimes it is a white furry jacket of mine. The reason for selecting a white backdrop is it allows me to play with colours. As I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my pictures, I always think about colours. You can also use a wooden surface as an aesthetic background.

Pick 2-3 colour:

The fun part of creating Flat-lay photograph is you can play with your favorite colours. Select 2-3 colours and pick some elements accordingly. Pastel is my recent favorite. These days I am playing around with pastel colours.

Pick elements as per your story:

Flat-lay photography is an art to tell a story. So all you need to pick some relevant elements. If you are going to tell a travel story, you can use a map, Polaroid photographs, your passport, hat, backpack etc to create a gorgeous Flat-lay. Again, if you are telling a story of an evening on a beach, you can use your swimwear, a hat, a pineapple, a sunglass to connect with your followers. I have just quoted some examples that can help you to enhance your ideas.

Natural light is the key:

The beauty of a Flat-lay photograph can be perfectly visible in the natural light. So, if you want perfection, just find the natural light to create the photo. The best weather to click a Flat-lay is a cloudy day or you can also click it in the morning before the sunrise. These are the best ways to find out the perfect balanced light.

Use Calligraphy quotes:

This is the last tip of the day but definitely not the least. Calligraphy always enhances the beauty of a Flat-lay photograph. If you are good at calligraphy, you can create your own. Else, just print out your favorite quote in a beautiful calligraphy. Getting textual is another great way to create Instagrammable Flat-lay.


These are the 5 tips I wanted to share to create a #fabolousflatlay. Utilize these tips and discover your inner artist today. Remember, a good camera can transform your creativity into an art. So pick your DSLR or iPhone and keep snapping.

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