5 Amazing Pet Subscription Boxes You Should Try Out!

5 Amazing Pet Subscription Boxes You Should Try Out!

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Our furry friends are basically a part of our families. We treat them like we would our siblings or children! 

Our furry friends are basically a part of our families. We treat them like we would our siblings or children! So, while they may not exactly be human, they do release our stress and provide some much-needed companionship! 

A question that goes through most peoples minds is if our pet loves us so much, how do we show them that we love them right back?

Well, the best way to show anyone that you care is by giving a gift. And what better gift to give than a monthly subscription box of all their favourite things?

1. Loot Pets Box by Loot Crate 

Loot Crate is a renowned subscription box platform and was initially meant for the "nerdy" customer. 

What's in it?

A Loot Pets box contains a large number of theme-related pet items - such as an X-files or superhero themed box. 

There is a good mix of clothes, toys and treats. 

Is it expensive? 

Loot Pets costs only about $24 per box. 

2. Barkbox

Barkbox is a platform that is exclusive to pets. What makes it interesting is that the products in the box are curated by pet-owners, for pet-owners! 

What's in it?

A Barkbox typically contains toys and treats. They do not add clothing to the boxes. All the items in the box follow a particular theme. 

They offer three types of sizes (of the box) depending on the dog. 

Is it expensive?

It is quite expensive, especially if you intend on buying a monthly plan. A single box can set you back $35, and a yearly subscription is around $249!

3. Suprise My Pet 

Surprise My Pet is a pet subscription box service by Cratejoy. It is also one of a very few types of pet subscription boxes that also caters to cats - and not just dogs.

What's in it?

Surprise My Pet packs toys and treats in their boxes, but they also send supplements. 

This - to me - increase the value of the box. Not many people really value the nutritional and health benefits of giving your pet supplements like Omega - 3 and calcium. 

Is it expensive?

It is far less expensive than the Barkbox, at $28 per box. However, since they include nutritional supplements in the box, the box is worth much more than it's price. So in my eyes, it is definitely value for money!

4. The Dollar Pet Club Box

The Dollar Pet Club boxes are another pet service by Cratejoy. And like Surprise My Pet, these boxes can be customised for cats or dogs. 

What's in it?

The Dollar Pet Club has the same traditional toys and treats. However, they try to ensure that the treats are all-natural and that they do not have any fillers, making this quite a healthy option. 

Also, to add value, these boxes also include some cleaning supplies, like shampoos, brushes and powders.

Is it expensive?

It is actually quite inexpensive. The boxes range from anywhere between $10 to $50 - depending on the size of your dog and the number of products you would like to receive!

5. The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box wins my vote because for every box purchased, they are able to feed 12 shelter dogs!  

The Dapper Dog Box allows you to customise your boxes depending on the size, personality and gender of your dog! They even take into consideration any kinds of allergies or digestive issues that your dog faces.

What's in it?

Each box contains a mixture of clothing, treats and toys. 

Is it expensive?

Each box is about $30, and a yearly subscription will set you back around $250.

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