4 Ways to Own the Chucky Doll Without Getting Murdered

4 Ways to Own the Chucky Doll Without Getting Murdered

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You see, the issue with having anything Chucky-related at all because you love the franchise is that you're asking for trouble if you just so happen to own the actual doll. No one would want to talk to you. No one would want to spend the night! You have a damn CHUCKY DOLL. That invites terror. So you're at a loss of what to do. You love the franchise, but hate the fact that you can't for the most part have anything associated with a "doll" unless you lock the thing away in a safe (or a coffin/casket, what have you).

The good news is not all is lost -- you do have some ways to own child's play memorabilia and products

You just be creative, is all. No dolls. Nothing that can "talk," per se. You definitely don't want the classic line either: "Hi, my name is Chucky! Wanna play, wanna play?" Hell, no. No playing here. Just admiring the genre, the franchise, and perhaps adorning your entertainment center with them while watching Cult of Chucky or something like that.

Rest assured: these products are the best way to honor the franchise, and you most likely won't get a lot of your friends freaking out at all.

Starting Off With the Classic Action Figure

Now we know what you're saying: this is a head-knocker figure! Like a doll! Wrong-o. You can see the dude's practically stuck to a wood plating with his name on it, so we can't see that this teeny nothing "doll" (it's not a doll) coming to life and wreaking havoc within your home. It's a careful, loving homage to what Chucky was all about. See how cute he is? He just wants to kill somebody. Perhaps possess some child, so he can finally get out of that stupid Chucky doll....

This Is More Like It, Though -- the POP! Figures Do It All

Somehow the POP! figurines manage to end up looking cute no matter how menacing they really are. Chucky sports a dagger, and that's it. The fact that his legs just don't move is proof that even if Chucky were to reanimate, there's no chance Chucky would be able to do anything at all but sit there and bad-mouth you to death.

This PLUSH DOLL Can Do Even Better

Look how we did that, huh?? We've got a doll on this list. Sort of. It serves as a doll, but really can anything scary be said about this except for the fact that if the guy possessed this little thing, he's doomed into suffocating under a pillow or blanket? Yeah. We don't see any risk here. Order this cute plush doll of Chucky and not only are you paying homage to the myth and the movie, but you get cuddles, too.

Action Figures Don't Count Either

In all fairness, Chucky sports a healthy eight inches here. But let's get one thing straight -- he's no taller than a ruler. He's an action figure. He's not a doll. Grab a freakin' knife from the kitchen, and Chucky's good as dead. Now if he started collaborating with the Puppet Master dolls, we'd have a problem....

If that's enough, though, you can always get the exact replica dolls and just leave them without batteries

You'll still have to hide them when friends come over. Or perhaps you can just give 'em a scare when you're feeling like you're full of piss and vinegar. One thing's for sure: Chucky can help you with that. He wants to be your friend. And he also wants to eat your soul.

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