4 Very Useful Credit Card Sized Things

4 Very Useful Credit Card Sized Things

By avatarRainaGee

Great things come in different shapes or forms -- but in this case, it happens to be in credit card size. Yes, as small as a credit card. I was really thrilled to learn that there are several great stuff you can fit in your pocket. So, I made a list of my favorite ones: 

XOPRO Credit Card Pocket Folding Knife

Every so often some errands require us to have a knife handy, and this product is just perfect for those situations. It may look small, but its blade is indeed as sharp as the regular ones. Its handle and blade are made from stainless steel that is 2 inches in size. 

The whole knife size is  3.8 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches and is 1.12 ounces in weight. It is really very light so you wouldn’t even notice it is there. Additionally, its black color makes it look more sleek and high quality. This amazing knife would really be a perfect gift for men and women for any occasion.   

WALLET NINJA 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool

Eighteen functions in one tool? Yes, that much in a single card. Well, it wouldn’t be called Wallet Ninja for nothing. It can help you open a bottle, can, box and even a letter. It can be used as a cell phone stand, a nail puller, a peeler, or a ruler (in and cm).  

It also has four screwdrivers (Phillips, flat and eyeglass screwdrivers) and six standard us hex wrenches (4, 8, 12, 10, 6 and 2). A really clever combination of almost anything you would need. It measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/8" and is made from heat treated black stainless construction.  

A handy product that fits nicely in your pocket.  

ZXUY Credit Card Size Pocket Magnifier

If you are not comfortable wearing reading glasses but is having a hard time reading through menus in low lit restaurants, deciphering fine prints, labels, and/or expiration dates then you must have this pocket magnifier.  

It is 85 x 50 mm in size and made from a thin white polycarbonate that is scratch resistance. It’s perfectly thin and small so you can just keep it in your purse.  Also, don’t worry about misplacing it because the package contains three wallet size lenses, so you have two extras. 

But if you are feeling generous, then your spare lenses can be a perfect gift to your friends. A really practical product to have any time, anywhere if your vision is no longer 20/20.   

FSMART M5 Mini Cellphone

Smartphone these days are becoming more and more advanced with all sorts of features. Several features can sometimes be a little complex for a simple need to be connected to the world.  

Some people would be a lot happier with the basics like just texting and calling. So, if you are one of those people that is fond of simple but functional things, then you will like this mini smartphone. Its dimension is 4.7 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches. It only weighs 1.6 ounces, an incredibly light phone that fits in a wallet. 

This basic phone also offers a few features like a calendar, multiple alarm clocks, and even a radio. A really nice gift to young adults or children.  

To sum it all up, these things may be small but can definitely offer a lot more. Having them in your pocket or wallet can make you feel more prepared or ready anytime you leave your place. 

The next time you want to cut or open something, measure, read or even call someone, you won’t have to turn your bag or drawers upside down because it can all be sitting nicely in your pocket. And what’s so great about it is that you won't even feel that it is there. 

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