4 Vegan Broths You Should Definitely Try

4 Vegan Broths You Should Definitely Try

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A vegetable broth is a great base when you are preparing vegan soups, sauces or just add flavor to your meals. Here are some vegetable broths that you can use as a substitute for any chicken stock or meat broth that your recipe needs:

Pacific Foods Organic - Vegetable Broth

This chicken stock gives an amazing flavoring to my recipes! It is super rich and perfect for soups and side dishes. I use it in rice, soups and vegan stews. It is also a wonderful way to add flavor when you are soaking dried lentils, peas or beans.

I love that this comes in small cartons so you can just open what you need at the moment.

You might see the need to add some salt to taste, but that is a good thing since it is the reason why we buy the Low Sodium Varieties, right?

365 Everyday Value - Vegetable Broth

This veggie broth is prepared from slow-simmered organic carrots, celery root, and onions. I also love using this for my soup and sauces. It even comes in a re-closable carton so you can save some for later.

Orrington Farms - Vegan Broth Chicken

I love to use this to make vegan chicken tortilla soup! If you are new to a plant-based diet, and you are used to using chicken broth for your meals, this Orrington Farms broth base is a great choice. It smells, looks and tastes like chicken broth. It's amazing. My friends can't tell the difference between this and real chicken broth. 

The only reason why I don't choose this often is due to its sodium content. Yes, it is a vegan version of what I think taste like chicken. However, reading the labels of this product and its sodium content bothers me. It saddens me because, yes, it really tastes good.

Nevertheless, I still think that this is a great vegan product as long as you do not consume it every day, Let me just warn you that bouillion sodium is an ingredient to watch out for.

LonoLife Veggie Broth Snack, Single Serve Cups

Now, if you prefer a fast but fulfilling veggie broth, let me introduce you to these single serve vegan broth goodness. It is made from fresh veggies seasoned with a mixture of spices.

My friend introduced me to this product as she was looking for a low-calorie soup that she could sip on whenever she wants. This broth is very tasty and not watery. You will be amazed at its great flavor and low-calorie content.

These vegetarian broths are so versatile. I can't wait to keep on trying more vegan recipes so I can add these to make my meals tastier.

Whether you want a soup to warm you on a cold rainy day, or you need a base for your recipes, these vegan broths are great choices. 

Keep this in mind: There are many vegetable broths options that are just as good as chicken or meat broths!

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