4 Top State-of-the-Art Dental Products to Make Your Teeth Quite Happy

4 Top State-of-the-Art Dental Products to Make Your Teeth Quite Happy

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Who knew things were changing in the dental industry at all? We never questioned it. The brands out there brought out the goods for your teeth and gums, and even dentists offered their signature approval for anything Crest, or AIM, or Oral-B, but we were sorely mistaken. The truth is so much more tech, innovation, and discovery is out there on what's healthy for your teeth, how to clean your teeth, and what you can use. These particular best-selling products might feature something many might not have heard of:

activated charcoal: the newest sensation of dental products

When baking soda became the rage in dental products, we laughed (but it worked). Now there's this thing called activated charcoal? Whatever the case, it seems to be getting rave reviews all over the Internet, all over Amazon, and these products save one listed here do take advantage of the new tech in spectacular fashion:

For Starters, the DentalCare Labs Night Guards Do Something No Toothbrush Can Do

No, there isn't anything about activated charcoal here (don't worry, we'll get to it). But this product addresses a huge concern with a lot of sufferers of lockjaw -- this is the one product capable of preventing the clenching of teeth, BPA and latex free, FDA approved.

Moreover, the night guards can even be used as a teeth whitening tray (which to this day is a major concern for a lot of people not wanting to smile for fear of the "yellows").

The more crucial piece of info to know about DentalCare's night guards is this: you're guaranteed satisfaction, or your money back, 100%.

And Now on the Topic of "Activated Charcoal," Check Out This Toothbrush

The remarkable effect of activated charcoal is this -- it can remove plaque and bacteria just as good as baking soda except this is a component capable of many mediums.... Such as infusion with bristles.

These toothbrushes (as you can see sport some black color to them) feature tapered polyester bristled infused with activated charcoal. Not only do they brush -- but they power out all that plaque and bacteria.

Everything else you'd expect from a high-quality toothbrush are here as well: slim design, soft bristles for gum massage, and ergonomics designed to help you handle the stick with comfort. Obviously, though, the biggest reason why this is such a hot seller is due to the activated charcoal, especially contributing to whitening.

Anyone Ever Heard of an "Activated Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste"?

Now we're getting new here. This is about as new as can be. And it may be only a matter of time before we see this kind of toothpaste at the dollar store.

Science has apparently shown that activated charcoal specifically from coconut6s not only clean your teeth and gums, but actually repair your tooth enamel. Additionally, the natural coconut extract is a tremendous catalyst for teeth whitening, going above and beyond some of the more "chemical" routes of that same goal. Instead of the pesky whitening strips, this toothpaste may very well achieve the kinds of results you could ever hope for while preventing calamities like gingivitis.

But for Something Even Crazier.... Try an Actual 'Powder' You Use on Your Teeth

The days of the 'paste' might actually be gone as you try this particular product out: Active WOW's Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder. You're asking the important question: how do you use a 'powder' on your teeth?

For starters, this powder's utilized only for whitening teeth. It's not a "cleaner" like a paste would be, although it can freshen your breath. The key to using this powder is to make your toothbrush slightly wet, remove excess water, dip the brush into the powder, and then brush your teeth like normal. Don't forget to rinse your mouth of that charcoal, but the results are quite phenomenal according to reviews.

The exciting thing, though, isn't the results. But the fact that you had no idea until you read this

You had no idea that these kinds of products actually existed. But now you do. Right here on Superble. Your teeth and gums are waiting for the time of their lives. Buy and brush the goodness on them.

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