4 Top Quality Headphones You HAVE to Buy as a Gamer, Hiker, or Couch Potato

4 Top Quality Headphones You HAVE to Buy as a Gamer, Hiker, or Couch Potato

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In this day and age, digital streaming is king. Don't get us wrong, though, as many of us still enjoy the cinema and the big-screen TV; but nowadays Netflix rules on the smartphone as well as some of the heavy hitters on Cable offering their own services (pay close attention to Disney doing their thing very soon online as well).

Which Is Why You Should Pay CLOSE Attention to the Kind of Headphones You Want to Buy and Wear

And not just for watching TV, or even playing video games.

Nowadays high-tech headphones allow for many premium activity sports aficionados to do their thing and not have to worry about losing their musical groove. Long gone are the days of the broken jack or messed-up earbuds. But quality's hard to spot. You want good bass, noise cancellation, and longevity for your auditory needs, which is why these four babies take the cake of coolness in jamming to your favorite music while doing whatever you like to do in your daily routine:

Try the Sony ZX Series MDR-XB450AP Headband Stereo Headset

Obviously, when you see the word Sony, quality's evident. These headphones don't disappoint, and you can check them out right here. With an integrated microphone amp, smartphone playback, 30mm dome type, driver units, lightweight, and even boasting a remote control multifunction, it's no wonder this baby's got a hefty 277 customer reviews with a 3.9 Amazon star average.

It's not a perfect product, however (no product is), but it definitely makes the case for quality. With seamless intuitiveness via the mouthpiece, hanging or picking up when synced with a smartphone is a no-brainer. Even the speakers fold in flat for easy and safe storage. Definitely worth the $38.95 that'll come out of your pocket just to own them.

Or Try the Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones in White

Again with Sony. But can you blame that? However, this isn't just a 'white' option, opting for something even more lightweight and comfortable than the other. More importantly, the benefits of this brand include portable swivel design and a tangle-free 47.25-inch y-type cord. Who needs Bluetooth, right?

And it shows in the Amazon reviews pretty clearly: 997 reviews total at the moment with an average 4.1 star rating. For just $14.36. So in other words -- definitely worth taking a look on Amazon via this link.

And for Rock Climbers, the Mivi Thunder Beats, Well, Rock

The only thing is you need to get these from Amazon India (you heard correctly: this product can only be purchased in rupees!). However, given everything's digital these days, currency exchange is a no-brainer anyway. All in all, you're paying a bit heftier for these at around $47, but it's worth it.

For starters, it's Bluetooth capable with dual pairing provided. I know, I know: who needed Bluetooth, right? But when hiking Mt. Rushmore, you sort of want something durable and convenient. The biggest bonus is how this brand sports an amazing seven hours of battery life. That's so you know you don't need to struggle in finding a suitable outlet to charge. The best part? Product comes with a sweet 1-year warranty, which may account for its stellar 4.4 star rating average out of 1071 reviews. Check it out right here and start hiking.

And Lastly, Admit It: You Just Want to Play HALO With the Cosmic Byte GS410

Sadly, these workhorses also are found on Amazon India, but again -- it's worth shopping there! Especially if you're a hardcore gamer. And for a measly $12 and change, can you complain? No.

The first thing you end up noticing is the edgy style, which would be perfect for game broadcasters. For obvious reasons. But the true benefits of this brand include the bass power for all those explosions and dragon roars you hear on Skyrim. The microphone's about as durable as those dragons, too.

However, the Cosmic Byte isn't just for hack n' slash and Call of Duty freaks. You can listen to music with this if you want, or enjoy a Transformers movie (again, for obvious reasons -- the big-time bass, like you're in a movie theater!). Get the headphones right here and roll out.

Something for everyone at Superble, with the links that can supply your soul with groovy tunes or kickin' beats

Again, no rules apply here. The only rule is to choose the product you want. Want Bluetooth and no boundaries? Go with the Thunder Beats. Opt for gaming optimization? The Cosmic Byte might be your dungeon master. And if you just want good ol' fashioned sweet quality sound and comfort, either of those two Sony headphones will do the trick. Choose your auditory weapon wisely.

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