4 Top Prop Weapons for Your Horror Costume on Halloween

4 Top Prop Weapons for Your Horror Costume on Halloween

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Sure, the makeup matters. Or maybe the actual outfit does the trick. But nothing -- and I mean NOTHING -- makes a Halloween costume better than the props going with it. If you're going to dress up like a Jedi Knight, chances are good you'll need that manufactured toy light saber. Or what about a Robin Hood costume? What's Robin Hood without his bow and arrow? Check. You see what we're getting at here. The props make all the difference. Without it, you're not quite what you're supposed to be dressed up as.

This is definitely the case with horror costumes (obviously -- it is halloween, after all), so you need the right props

Given how horror's been rising to the top of a big list of pop culture characters, having the right props for the kind of costume you want to wear for Halloween makes all the difference for a lot of reasons. For one, some of the icons you'll recognize honestly are absolute MUSTS for your costume. Others, however, are rather subtle. But you'll get the idea. Especially since they're so recognizable.

Let's see if many recognize this particular prop you can buy right now:

Negan's Bat LUCILLE

Love The Walking Dead? Chances are you love this. It's Negan's trademark bat with the barb wire, and it even has a name: Lucille. Negan's a bad-ass, obviously, especially with the undead. But if you plan on dressing up like the iconic character, you'd be a bit naked without his trademark bat!

Or How About This Pickaxe?

Can you guess where this weapon would come from? No worries on authenticity, obviously. It's not a real pickaxe. But a certain masked figure once wielded this sucker, and while it's not the machete he's used to wielding, it still packs a punch and makes a statement.... That's right, Mr. Jason Voorhees held this funny looking stick often, swinging it around at his victims like a golf club.

But Maybe You're Dressing Up as Something Else and Need a Little Something More RECOGNIZABLE?

Like this cool piece? Take a wild guess where this prop came from? ....If you guessed ALIENS, you're golden. This is the M41A1 Pulse Rifle used by the space marines of the classic sequel from James Cameron, the weapon that made it cool to actually be a Marine, and made it cool to be a wicked female heroine with a flamethrower. You can dress up as the iconic Ripley with this piece, or as Hicks. It won't matter. All that'll matter is you ain't takin' any crap from aliens -- whether they're facehuggers or chestbursters.

Nothing, However, Beats This Classic Prop Just About Anyone Would Recognize

Straight out of the boiler room, right? Dress up like this (and it really wouldn't take much, just a fedora and a rugby shirt). But if you're missing this, you're incomplete. This made Freddy Krueger, no doubt. This was Freddy Krueger. So if you plan on dressing up like him, get this. Period.

hence is there any doubt that the prop weapon is the cherry on top for any costume?

For sure. Chances are good you're in to the horror genre. But if you noticed, just about every pop culture icon in that genre features some sort of prop. So take note: if you plan on dressing up like any of these (or anything else), notice the props. And finish the ensemble like a champ! Get your Halloween groove on the right way.

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