4 Top ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Toys to Own in Your Playhouse

4 Top ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Toys to Own in Your Playhouse

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The name's Ash. And your shoes are untied.... (Wait for it....). BAM! Just made your nose bleed. Of course, what do you expect from a guy named Ash with a chainsaw strapped to his handless arm and a shotgun held by the other? Guy means business. He don't play with demons, and you shouldn't play with him unless....

You happen to own any of these lovely toys from the evil dead, army of darkness or ash vs. evil dead properties so prevalent in today's demon hunting society

Yes, indeedy. We know you're shocked. You're so shocked that you're botching up the spell with the Necronomicon, unleashing Hell and all sorts of undead onto the world; and you need a little help, don't you? Yes, Ash can help you. Hail to the King, baby.... Starting with....

Your Very Own Ash Puppet!

Aaaaaww! And the awesome thing is this same puppet was featured with Mr. Bruce Campbell himself, the man, the myth, the legend, the one who plays the iconic Ash from the franchise. So you need a little playtime, perhaps? Or you're a demon psychologist working with patients, and they need some Ash time to get them through their lives?

This is the toy for you. Just keep the chainsaw on safety. We don't want the bloog spattering all over the walls.

But Sometimes You Just Need a Cute, Little Plush Doll for Your Trouble

Ideal for your demonic little child. Or, sure, maybe you're an adult who likes to cuddle as well! After all, nothing says cuddling like a chainsaw up your butt. And who cares -- Ash could look much worse for wear as plush and still look absolutely adorable. Even the princess from Army of Darkness -- although once beautiful, but now ugly -- might actually still be cute as plush.

But, alas.... She's not in plush. Ash is. And that's all that matters.

Or You Just Want Those Cute and Clever Little Pop! Figures

Enter: Ash himself. The man. What's great is that these Funco figures still reign supreme at the toy stores, but you can only get Ash right here. Right now. In all his big-head glory. It's sad, though, that this is a toy incapable of wielding the "toothpick" you call a chainsaw. Sometimes smaller isn't good. You need to go big. Very big.

Or Maybe Just Plain Demonic and Possessed?

That's right. If you remember: Ash did get possessed in the FX series. So, needless to say, guy's got some chompers on him, and he's ready to claim some souls. Thankfully that didn't last too long, and Ash was returned back to his normal self, squashing demons and the like 24/7. Every now and then, though, we need a little possessed Ash to get through the day. As Mr. Rogers would say -- I can be your friend....

Commemorate your favorite zombie-slashing, soul-exorcising, demon-killing hero with these fabulous toys

And you're guaranteed to never be bored. Ever again. Who could be given the life Ash has lived? Everything from sick, wicked witches to the slimiest body parts, Ash has done it all. Now he's doing it as a puppet, figure or plush toy. And you couldn't be happier!

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