4 Products to Use for Pampering Yourself At Home

4 Products to Use for Pampering Yourself At Home

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Pampering yourself does not have to be expensive -- although sometimes it would be nice to just enter a luxurious spa and forget everything. When you’re trying to de-stress but don’t want to break the bank, you can look for alternatives already available at home.

Simply playing slow, absorbing tunes or lighting candles can already shift your mood. It’s mind over matter, as wise people say. So when you are feeling pressured, find time to re-calibrate. Ask for some me-time. An hour or less will do. Believe me, you’ll become a better person after allowing yourself to be alone sometimes.

Here are a few ways to get you started:

Relax With A Foot Scrub

Do your feet feel tired? Is it a lot of effort to create your own soak? Try a foot scrub instead. This variant carries the Watsons brand. It is an ideal alternative that requires minimal effort. This goodie will help exfoliate your skin, especially the part covering your soles. 

Alternately massage your feet to improve blood circulation. Let the minty bits soften and smoothen the skin. That's right. You should love one of your most used external organs. You need it to stand, walk, run, and even kick some ass. It's not like they can take a break. So keep those feet feeling comfortable and cozy from time to time.

Activate Senses With A Hair Treatment Wax

From feet, let's go to the hair. Is your mane becoming a source of shame instead of being your crowning glory? It's time to reset and return it to its soft and shiny condition. You can't just rely on your daily shampoo and conditioner for that. You need a treatment wax from, again, Watsons. 

Relax. This is a do-it-yourself procedure. The product itself is easy to use. Wet your hair. Lather a good amount of the wax on your hair. Cover with a shower cap (optional). Then rinse. Keep rinsing until you're sure you've cleaned your hair.

Power Up With Some Chia Seeds

Eat something that will power both body and brain. Why not incorporate superfoods into your diet, like chia seeds for example? Chia seeds have the nutritional statistics to get you going. Fiber: check. Protein: check. Calcium: check. Antioxidants: super check. Not only will it lower your chances of getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It will also boost your energy during exercise.

Is there nothing these tiny babes can’t do? They’re obviously loaded. So when you feel like treating yourself at home, just pull some chia seed recipes out of the internet. For starters, try the chia pudding.

Cool Down With Iced Coffee

Is the summer heat getting on your nerves? Beat it with some ice cubes on your favorite beverage. Preparing your own iced coffee doesn’t take 5 minutes. Just fetch the ice cubes from the freezer, mix your coffee in hot water, let it cool a little, and then combine the ice cubes and coffee in a glass. 

While you’re at it, read a magazine or listen to music. We like sipping our Vietnamese iced coffee while getting entranced by Enya. Just put down that smartphone, will ya?

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