4 Must-Haves for First time moms

4 Must-Haves for First time moms

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Being a new mom can be exciting, but on the other hand, it can also be overwhelming. For new moms, everything can feel brand new, and things can be stubborn. Fortunately, I've listed some helpful items that can make caring for a newborn a little less stressful. 

After you ticked off diapers, baby clothes and pacifiers, consider these four items too. 

1. lavie lactation massager breast care for breastfeeding

This product from LaVie allows milk to flow easily, which can help increase the output of milk and empty the breast more effectively. Furthermore, it can also relieve plugged ducts and any present mastitis. Its remarkable shape and numerous vibration modes make it the ideal drain articulation device for any breastfeeding or pumping mother. It is also accessible in rose or blue-green.


This portable changing pad clutch from Tots N Toddlers features a large 19 inches x 28 inches cushioned wipeable changing capacity, which allows changing in a breeze. The thin design can easily fit even in small baby bags that makes it easy to carry. Its waterproof material also contributes to the overall performance of the product. 


A Totseat travel highchair is a handy tool that can turn every dining chairs of any kind imaginable into an infant chair. This product is real travel essential and is ideal for babies from 8 to 30 months, or for infants who can sit unaided. 

It is also easy to carry and is completely machine washable making it one of the most versatile travel high chairs on the market. 


Carrying your baby can have a lot of benefits for you and your baby. Whether you are cooking a meal going for a short walk or to the mall; there is this motherly instinct that wants to keep your baby close to you. Thus, this cool mesh ergonomic baby carrier from Ergobaby brings you closer to your beloved baby in a comfortable way with its crisp and breathable design. It is also lightweight and allows you to carry your baby in various positions with its ergonomic design

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