4 Lesser Known Skin & Body Care Brands To Try Today

4 Lesser Known Skin & Body Care Brands To Try Today

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Do you find supermarket brands unreliable these days? You have used them for years, and yet, you have hit a plateau when it comes to expecting something new.

Do not fret! Get a little adventurous with your options instead! Perhaps you’re somewhat afraid of lesser-known brands because, well, you do not know them that much. But you are in the right place as you are about to get acquainted with a few of them.

These emerging brands and products have actually built a cult following in their respective categories. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Luxe Organix Indian Healing Clay

An alternative to the popular aztec clay, the Luxe Organix Indian Healing Clay promises similar, if not better, effects. It unclogs and shrinks pores. It also deals with breakouts and blemishes, although this result should be seen after continuous use. Notice that it dries out pimples right after first application. It also leaves your face smooth and soft. Expect some rashes or reddening once you have washed it off.

The big tub the powder comes with can last you 2-3 months. This is a great investment for all those low-maintenance days when you cannot afford or just don't have the time to get a facial treatment. 

Charlie and the charcoal factory Bamboo Toothbrush by SKINLAB NATURALS  

Toothbrushes made of wood, bamboo in particular, and charcoal bristles have been around for several years now. However, the notion about them is that they're expensive. The Charlie and the Charcoal Factory Bamboo Toothbrush does not only break through that barrier. It also offers a good alternative to the plastic ones we are used to. 

The charcoal bristles can clean your teeth and remove leftover bits from food that get stuck in between them. They are also soft and gentle enough to be used on the tongue and gums. Of course, just as important is the whole concept behind this switch. Both bamboo and charcoal are biodegradable. Hurray to a more eco-friendly lifestyle choice!

Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash - Powder Cool

Speaking of eco-friendly, here’s an intimate wash that’s made of such ingredients. The Human Heart Nature Powder Cool Feminine Wash is coconut-based and paraben-free. Without harmful chemical use, it effectively cleanses your lady bits while leaving your skin moisturized and your PH balanced. It also has a cooling effect that will keep you feeling fresh all day. This natural wash is great for those who have sensitive skin.

Pit Perfect Cream by Skin Genie

Wary of whitening products you put on your skin? You should be. There are far too many horror stories about girls experiencing the opposite of what they expected. Your best bet is one that is made of organic ingredients. The Pit Perfect Cream by Skin Genie is one such babe. It has an herbal cream base with tea tree oil, floral extract, and papaya extract.

Indeed, what will first strike you is its fragrance. It also brightens and smoothens underarms with continuous use. It is safe to use once or twice a day, even acting as deodorant for some. It also can last you months, so you can save up on deo shopping in a year.

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