4 Great Benefits of Beekeeping in Your Home

4 Great Benefits of Beekeeping in Your Home

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Have you considered bee farming?

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Have you ever considered keeping bees in your home? You definitely should. Beekeeping, while an unconventional method of farming, is a wonderful activity that offers several advantages. 

1. Beekeeping is a low-maintenance hobby

If you are looking to enjoy a new hobby that does not take up too much of your time, then beekeeping is the way to go. Once your bees are set up comfortably, you will be required to spend little time each week to take care of them. Remember, minimal interference with bee colonies helps to keep them healthier. In addition, you will only need to harvest honey about twice a year.

Beekeeping is, therefore, a low maintenance hobby that requires minimal time especially if you have only one or just a few hives to take care of. It’s thus suitable for you if you are busy and only have a few free hours to spare on an enjoyable activity.

2. Beekeeping helps to boost plant productivity

Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the world’s plants? And some of those plants may be in your garden. They include apples, several types of beans, several types of berries, and even alfalfa and clover that are used as cattle feed.

By keeping bees on your rooftop, yard, or large garden, you will play a role in boosting plant production. And that means that you are likely to enjoy a bigger harvest of the plants that require bee pollination to be productive.

3. Beekeeping helps to save the world’s bees

Scientists have been sounding the alarm over colony collapse disorder. This happens when most worker bees in a colony do a disappearing act and leave behind the queen, nurse bees, and immature bees. In the end, the phenomenon leads to the collapse of the bee colony which needs worker bees to be sustainable. 

Moreover, the world’s bees have been dying due to predators like Varroa mites, and the excessive use of chemicals on plants that end up affecting bees. Considering the role that bees tend to play in the pollination of plants around the world, their death should worry everyone.

Should you choose to keep bees, you will not only be benefiting yourself, but also the world at large as well as future generations. Installing a hive or two and helping to maintain healthy bee colonies will help to boost their population again. So, think of beekeeping as a service to the planet and humanity.

4. Beekeeping products help save money and generate revenue

Instead of buying products like honey and beeswax, you could harvest them from your own bees and store them for future use. You will save money doing so. Remember, honey has lots of uses. For example, you can use it as a natural sweetener or in some of your beauty treatments like facial scrubs.

Alternatively, if you end up keeping several hives, you may be able to generate so many of these things that you have to sell them to your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors. That will help you generate some revenue that would cover the cost of beekeeping and even provide some profit.

Other products arising from beekeeping include propolis and bee venom among others. Many of these are used in beauty treatments and for medicinal remedies. You may even be able to sell bee colonies to others when yours grow large enough and require new hives.

If you intend to pursue a new hobby this year, do consider beekeeping. Not only is it low maintenance, but it is also an excellent way to boost plant production in your locale and will help preserve bees for future generations. Additionally, beekeeping can help you save money and generate revenues for your financial needs.

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