4 Good Quality Makeup Brush Sets Under $20

4 Good Quality Makeup Brush Sets Under $20

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If you are an avid natural brush user and is thinking to switch to synthetic makeup brush sets that are of high quality but with the reasonable price, then you are reading the right article.  

Whether you are a makeup artist by profession, a beauty junkie or just newly discovering the magic of makeup, I am sure you will agree that a makeup brush set is an important tool in applying the art of makeup itself. 

But high quality should not always equate to expensive, right? That is why I've created this helpful list of best makeup brush sets that are surprisingly affordable. 

CINDY Makeup Brush Set 

This stylish brush set will definitely captivate the eyes of people who are fond of cute things. The handles shaped like a mermaid tail is stunningly beautiful. They used premium quality plastic to make these handles, so you are certain that it is durable.  

On the other hand, they used high-density soft nylon bristles for the brush. Its soft brush will surely help you apply, blend or shade smoothly. The brush is also non-shedding, easy to clean and quickly dries that makes it ideal for daily use. 

The set includes 11 pieces of dazzling brushes like lip brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, and all other essential brushes. I assure you this inexpensive product will not just impress you with how it looks but also with its quality. 

A product that is safe to use even to sensitive skin. A really perfect gift for yourself or to your loved ones.  

MYSWEETY Makeup Brush Set

This eye-candy brush set is a definite hit for unicorn lovers. Each head brush is beautifully colored with purple. The handles are dense and sophisticatedly shaped like a unicorn horn.  

The package includes 12 makeup brushes, two silicone makeup sponges, makeup wash egg, and a cute chic bag. A complete and fashionable set that you can conveniently bring with you. With the use of this set, a flawless finish is not impossible. 

Now, isn't that awesome? 

LADES Makeup Brush Set

This elegantly cute makeup brush set is also worth your attention. Even if you are not a fan of pink, I am sure you will be charmed by how it was beautifully made.  

Each brush is uniquely made for its intended use. They also used synthetic fiber for its bristles. It is a set of 12 brushes like oval eyeshadow brush, small flat oblique brush, small fan-shaped brush, angled brush, foundation brush, powder brush and a lot more. 

It also comes with a pretty practical container that will keep your brushes clean and safe. An excellent choice for someone who prefers to keep things fashionably organized and tidy.  

HanZa Makeup Brush Set

Last, and of course not the least, is a set of 10-piece Oval makeup brushes. Oval-shaped brushes made a buzz when it was first introduced and sadly some of them are ridiculously overpriced.  

That's why I was thrilled when I found this set. The package includes specialized brushes that are perfect for your every makeup need: Concealer, Primer, Powder, Foundation, BB Cream, Blush, Contour, Bronzer, Setting, and the list could go on. 

The bristles are made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber that expertly holds cream, powder or liquid when you apply them. One main difference of an oval-shaped brush is that it has evidently more bristles than a normal brush. 

The overall look of this set seemed more professional and sleek. So, if you want something more pro-looking, then this is for you.  

In summary, because all of these brushes were synthetic they share common characteristics like non-shedding, blissfully soft, not too absorbent, skin friendly, can easily be cleaned and quickly dries. 

Therefore, the only thing you would want to consider is their design. Personally, I genuinely like all of it, but my favorite is the makeup brush set by Hanza. I am actually fond of cute things though I prefer something that looks classic that does not go out of style. 

Perhaps it has something to do with age...(LOL). I would probably buy the first three sets as a gift for my aesthete friends and get Hanza for myself. Nonetheless, I hope this list will help you find the makeup brush set that suits you.  

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