4 Freakish Adult Coloring Books to Buy in the Name of Horror

4 Freakish Adult Coloring Books to Buy in the Name of Horror

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Lately you've seen some pretty cool adult coloring books out there, sweeping the nation and offering a type of visual therapy like candy for the eyes. Well, guess what: how about the HORROR GENRE? Is there any love for that type of coloring book?

It turns out the short answer is -- YES! Horror coloring books are aplenty on the market, and you can find four of them right here

There's no doubt that these editions happen to be the most disturbing. Which, in an odd sort of way, may be the most therapeutic to color -- either with markers, crayons, or better yet.... gel pens. It tantalizes the imagination, and who knows: you might want to pin some of this stuff on your wall. After all, they will be masterpieces. Don't think you're lying to yourself knowing that somebody else illustrated the images for you, making it that much easier on you as an artist.

The true artist takes what is given and makes it his/her own. That's what these coloring books are for. So relax. Sit back and watch a Universal movie. Or Freddy Krueger, even. Get your gel pens out. And paint it all red and black, starting with....

The Beauty of Horror

This most likely has to be the quintessential offering of horror-themed images for coloring in a lifetime. You get just about anything and everything you could ever want that relates to the horror genre -- whether it's demons, devils, ghosts, vamps, lycans, skeletons, other monsters, and much more. And the best part is this isn't the only offering from illustrator Alan Robert. He has, in fact, a second volume for those tantalized enough to want more of the horror coloring craze. Polish your pens. This one could get bloody!

Care to Color Some Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland?

Now that's disturbing.... Truthfully, this one's notable given the targeted demographic. We're now focused solely on a fabulous and popular property: Alice in Wonderland. Only done waaaaay darker. Imagine coloring the most twisted version of the Mad Hatter you ever saw, and you get the idea. The White Rabbit is just the beginning. Although we don't expect much of a difference from the Queen of Hearts as she's offing people's heads left and right. Already pretty dark.

Definitely Take a Trip Down Grimm's Nightmares From the Otherworld

So when you think about it, the Brothers Grimm were, well, grim in their storytelling. No doubt. Think about it. You had Snow White and a bad apple from a rather terrifying queen, and she slept with (not literally, we don't think) seven dwarves. A little quirky. And odd. Not to mention the big, bad wolf masquerading as grandma after eating her alive. Stuff like that begs to be ripe for the horror genre. In fact, a lot of Grimm properties ended up morphed into horror stories! So guess what: you get to color them all in.

And Lastly, a Look at Horror Hotel: Killer Clowns

And this should be a no-brainer, too. It's clowns, man. After the success of Stephen King's IT and the sequel coming up soon, you'd half-expect some strange-looking clowns to plague the paper on this coloring book, and you get a whole lot of imagination to go along with it because these are clowns. Want blue? Great. Maybe pink? Sure. It doesn't matter. These clowns are already "painted." You just get to choose how the paint looks on the paper. And no matter how subtle the colors get, they'll always look so damn disturbing.

that's all part of the fun of these adult horror coloring books

The masterpiece you make will be up to you. Simple as that. That's the joy of adult coloring books, and they don't get any better when you splash in some horror genre, too. We're talking blood spatters. Dark shades. Sickly green. Eeewww. It'll be a feast for the eyes.

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