4 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Should Be Travelling With

4 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Should Be Travelling With

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As travellers, we’re have the great blessing of visiting beautiful, pristine, and unspoiled destinations.

We also have the responsibility of making sure that we preserve and protect these places, not only so that other people may enjoy it after us, but also for the locals that call these places home.

For anyone starting to wonder how they can do their part in preserving the environment even when they travel, here are some products to get you started:


The first jump I made to a more eco-friendly lifestyle was by getting my own water bottle. At first I got it to save on money from all the drinks I’d buy while travelling or running errands, but the by-product of this is that I’ve lessened my plastic water bottle purchases too! Win-win!

The tumbler I use is Klean Kanteen’s 20oz Insulated Tumbler in purple. I bring this with me everywhere - to the beach, to the mall, or on a hike! I like that it keeps my water cold so I can enjoy a refreshing drink even after hours in the sun. I like the handle too, which makes it easier to carry around.


We may not notice it, but we use up a lot of plastic straws. Sometimes, for drinks that don’t even need it! 

To cut down on the number of plastic straws I use, I either just ditch the straw altogether or bring around my SIP Steel Straw with me if I know i’ll get drinks that need one (like a mango shake!). I like that it comes with a straw cleaner and a cute pouch. They also included a care card so you know how to use and care for it.


Being a beach bum, laying on the sand after a day of adventure is the highlight of all my trips. What I don’t enjoy? Packing up my beach towels and discovering a ton of sand in my room, luggage, and bed! Not only is this bad for the beaches (imagine all the sand you alone bring home and then multiply that by the thousands of people who visit the beach… yikes!) but it can be a pain to clean when sand gets all over your stuff.

I was sooo thankful when I discovered the Lagu Sand-Repellant Beach Blanket! I couldn’t believe that there was actually a beach blanket that’s SAND-REPELLANT! Where has this been all my life?! 


A reusable and foldable tote bag comes in handy when you’re shopping and buying local products. Instead of getting a plastic bag, which you’ll just throw afterwards anyway, you can dump your items in your tote bag instead! Plus, if the store you bought from charges for every plastic bag you get, you can save money too.

The tote bag I like using is Lagu’s Beach Tote because it’s lightweight, easily foldable, and is just the right size. I like it’s cute, beach-y design and that it has a pocket in front for your small items. The fact that it’s also sand-repellant is a major win!

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