4 Drumsticks for Kids and Beginners

4 Drumsticks for Kids and Beginners

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I used to play drums when I was a teenager. From time to time, I am using my musical talent to teach kids how to play my favorite instrument. I’m not saying I’m a professional, but I do know the basic things you need to know to be able to play the drums well.

Just recently, my nephew asked me to help him find his very first drumsticks. It was a bit challenging because smaller drumsticks for kids are not always available in stores. Good thing, online stores makes it easy for us to review and buy products.

Here are the four best drumsticks I found:

All these drumsticks are ideal for kids and beginners.

Pocket Stix 11" 5A Maple Drumsticks for Kids

These drumsticks are specially made for kids. These are amazing little drumsticks that are perfectly made for little hands.

They are durable and can withstand the banging that kids love to do. It is made from quality maple selected for its strength and lightness.

Rosenice Muse Set 7A Maple Drum Sticks For Kids

This is another drumstick that is specially made for kids. This is an option that is good quality for the price. The only one thing I notice about these drumsticks is that kids could be able to pull the color wrap off the bottom of one while they play the drums.

Keep in mind that these are not painted at the bottom. A plastic material is wrapped around them (as you can see in the picture). That is the only thing I noticed. But overall, this is a great product. 

GRIP STIX Blue 13" Long NON-SLIP Drumsticks for Kids

This is another drumstick that you should consider because it is made from quality maple selected for its strength and lightness. Each stick is wrapped with a durable and comfortable non-slip grip that is almost the same to great quality sporting good equipment. Since kids have short limbs, they need something that is down to size.

Kids will find these sticks cool and will fit their hands perfectly. Needless to say, these drumsticks are a perfect tool for aspiring drummers.

Vic Firth Kidsticks

These drumsticks are also specially made for kids. However, even adults can use this for practice. It was so good that I bought one for myself.

I use it for my practice sessions at home to get muscle-memory-training repetitions while I am sitting on the living room couch, in front of the TV, or sometimes with a practice pad. I like that they are short enough so it’s perfect to use as you sit in front of your desk.

You don't have to move your elbows way back to accommodate the stick length because its length is perfect for adults who just want some practice time. They have real drumstick balance and weight distribution so you don’t feel like you are using a kiddie tool. Overall, they work great for practice in small spaces. They're really good.

Since I can use it for myself, I am 100% sure this could be used by a kiddo.

It also comes in two cute colors: blue and pink.

If you would ask me, I think that this is the best choice out of all the drumsticks in this list.

Real drumsticks are ideal for children who are just beginning to play the drums. I hope that this list was able to give you some options to consider.

Have a great day!

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