4 Coolest Gremlin Puppets to Own After Midnight

4 Coolest Gremlin Puppets to Own After Midnight

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And you'll definitely avoid sunlight at all costs with these gremlins. Don't even shine regular light! Because you know what happens? Bad things. And you can't even consider the theoretical questions like time zones and getting food stuck in their teeth. Just avoid midnight snacks and light at all costs. You'll see disaster faster than you can say mogwai and also see the exciting GREMLINS REBOOT debuting in theaters very soon!

Before you get to go see that film, check out these cool gremlin puppet toys. Why?

Long story short, if you're a serious puppet master, and you love gremlins, better get a hold of these babies

The value's timeless for a lot of reasons. Nothing, though, can beat the power of nostalgia and getting to relive the great glory and fuzziness of our favorite Mogwai (and those pesky GREMLINS for the laughs!). These are the real deal, iconic and masterful in design right from the nostalgia birthed by the films themselves. You know 'em. You love 'em. The real gremlins in the flesh (sort of). Starting with....

This Brown Stunt Puppet May Look Familiar....

If you watched Gremlins II: the New Batch, you'll know this puppet. He's an exact replica of one of the puppets from the film itself! At a startling 30 inches in height! The limited edition of this puppet sits at 1,000 copies. Don't wait on this one. You never know if and when they'll disappear due to sunlight.

Or the Gremlin Flasher From the Original?

Go ahead and laugh. It had to have been the funniest part of the original film next to all the gremlins singing along with the seven dwarves as they screened SNOW WHITE at the theater. And, yes, it's true: this character also appeared in the sequel, and now you get to have one all to yourself. Joy, joy!

But Don't Forget Stripe, the Leader of the Gremlins

Say what you want about Mohawk from the sequel and his mutated spider legs, but no one -- and I mean no one -- means dirty business like Stripe means it. As with the other puppets on display here, you get the icon of a lifetime, the exact replica of the original. And he's got his eye out for one particular fuzzball....

That's Right, GIZMO HIMSELF!

And you know the cutie won't take any more crap at all. He certainly meant just as much business as the rest of them in the sequel. No more playing around or teasing the little dude. Give him a bow and arrow, and you know those gremlins will run like HELL.

Until then, though, you can cuddle with this cutie till kingdom come.

Just don't spill water on him. or feed him before midnight. or both.

You'll get a slew of copies, each one rather crass, rude, destructive, vicious, goofy, and retarded. They're all fun, fun, fun, though! Thankfully, they're just puppets, and you can enjoy all of it as you wait for the third film to release in theaters!

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