4 Bestselling Benefit Cosmetics Travel-Sized Products

4 Bestselling Benefit Cosmetics Travel-Sized Products

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If you frequently find yourself doing your makeup while on your way to the office, or doing quick touch-ups in between series of meetings, then you will love these products. In this day and age, everything seems fast, dynamic and on-the-go and that is true even in beauty products. 

Over the years, beauty is becoming more mobile because women these days are frequently moving either because they have two jobs, freelancing or a working mother. Benefit acknowledges this change thus they offer miniature versions of their well-loved products that should fit your on-the-go purse. 

Gold Rush

When you apply and choose the right shade, using blush on your face can make you look younger, can enhance your cheekbones or can even refresh your look any time of the day. Realizing how blush can do magic, it's inevitable that you have it handy on your makeup bag.  

This Gold rush blush will give you a natural and glowing look. Its subtle and sheen shade will perfectly blend well with any skin tone. Benefit also made sure that you will love its smell, so they amazingly combine vanilla, sandalwood, and citrus scent. A really excellent way to flatter your cheeks. 

This great product includes a rounded brush and a built-in mirror so you can conveniently do your quick touch-ups anywhere.


Shaping your eyebrow is definitely an art that would require a simple yet effective tool. And yes, this all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel is what you need. It can make sculpting, defining and filling your eyebrow effortlessly beautiful.  

Its built-in hard-angled brush can instantaneously convert to a full-size brush for a more accurate application. This product includes useful signature tricks and tips that will allow you to explore more. 

Also, based on the tests done on this product it is water-resistant and can also last for as long as 24 hours. Just a few glides and careful strokes, your brow can go a long way! 

Precisely My Brow

If you want to define your eyebrow using a traditional pencil, then this is for you. This twistable eyebrow pencil is recognized to be “The Best Brow Product” by Glamour. Well, it is not surprising. 

This product can give life to your brow for as long as 12 hours. Its ultra-fine tip gives hair-like strokes that give your brow a natural, defined and precise eyebrows neatly. 

The POREfessional

If you love Benefit's POREfressional, then you will be hooked with this product. This primer does not only minimize your pores, leave your skin feeling smooth but would also make your face look refreshingly vibrant. 

It absolutely works well under makeup to illuminate your oil-free and spotless beauty. For a quick touch up you can lightly pat it over makeup, and your face will again be bright and stunning. On the other hand, no worries if you're feeling a little lazy to wear makeup because you can wear it alone.  

Yes, you can use this product alone, and you will still look gorgeous. This powerful product is proven effective by a hundred women. Indeed, a really must-own by any woman who wants to look flawless in no time. 

To sum it all up, even if you buy all of these beauty essentials, you would still have a lot of room in your purse. You can even buy several of each and put one in your gym bag, office bag, and whatnot. 

Also, since they are minis, they can also be a great gift to your friends if you just want them to try how awesome Benefit products are. I'm sure they too will enjoy carrying less but getting equal or even more value out of it! 

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