3 Wonderful Benefits of Telecommuting

3 Wonderful Benefits of Telecommuting

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Have you ever considered fighting for the right to telecommute as part of your work privileges? 

Why the heck not?

Are you not aware of how beneficial telecommuting can be for you and the organization that you work for?

Here are a few of those benefits for you to ponder on:

1. Telecommuting Can Help Reduce Work Stress And Burnout

The Boston College Sloan Center on Aging & Work did a study on workplace flexibility and the results showed that flexible work arrangements help reduce stress and enhance work-life balance.

And why not?

There are very many toxic work environments where some employees are nasty and work hard to sabotage others. Workplace bullying is a serious issue in a significant number of workplaces. And for many employees looking to just work and mind their own business, the thought of working in a toxic environment is one that can give them bile.

You too may be struggling with horrible workmates, and yet you are stuck working for your organization because it compensates you quite well. So, why not fight to telecommute? Getting this privilege will enable you to continue working for your current employer without having to physically interact with people who drive you insane. A peaceful working environment can do wonders for your blood pressure levels and peace of mind.

2. Telecommuting Can Enhance Your Productivity

Did you know that U.S. employers lose about $1.8 trillion in lost productivity each year?

There are many things can cut down on productivity rates. For instance, a toxic environment can cause people to be mentally affected which in turn will affect how they work. Other employees will try to avoid the workplace as much as possible, which means they will not be performing the tasks that they should.

Getting stuck in traffic is also another reason as to why people are less productive. According to a U.S. Census Bureau, the average commute lasts about 26 minutes. But what happens when you encounter an accident or political protest on the way? Each time you get stuck in traffic, the odds of you arriving to work late and out of sorts rises. And what you encounter on your way may affect how you perform on any given day.

Telecommuting allows you to eliminate the daily grind of commuting. It also ensures that you do not engage in water cooler gossip that has a tendency to waste so much time. It is easier to focus and work from the comfort of your home when there is nothing distracting you or affecting your performance.

3. Telecommuting Can Save You Money

There is a cost attached to traveling to work. You may have to buy a car, fuel, and maintain it for starters. Or you may have to pay for tickets for public transport. Then there is the cost of purchasing the right clothes for you to wear so that no one thinks you are crazy and everyone can take you seriously.

On the other hand, nobody cares about what you wear when you telecommute, so long as the work you do is completed on time and is well done. You can work in your pajamas if you want, and there is no need for you to spend money in transportation.

In this era of technology, telecommuting is definitely something that you should consider. It will allow you to work in peace, while wearing their clothes of your choosing, without compromising on the quality of work that you do. What’s not to like about that?

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