3 Scariest Film Versions of the Boogeyman That'll Scare the Crap Out of You

3 Scariest Film Versions of the Boogeyman That'll Scare the Crap Out of You

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How long has humanity faced the worst demon ever in lore or existence? Too long. And the sad thing is this particular demon just happens to exist right under your bed! Needless to say, you won't find any kid in any country, town, city, cabin, or tribe who has not heard of the "boogeyman." The question is:

Which version of the "boogeyman" you've seen earns the title of the scariest??

That's up for debate. Sorry. But at the very least, we can definitely detail the top three renditions of the dark demon from under the bed in film -- some of the best creative interpretations. Of course, yes, stories are what birthed the bastion that is evil while we sleep, but the thing is:

We're so scared of what we end up seeing. That, of course, gives the boogeyman that fear factor! So here they are, in the flesh (or animation, as it were):

Oogie Boogie (A Nightmare Before Christmas)

Fitting. Especially for a Tim Burton film. Of course, we love looking at the likes Jack Skellington, Santa Claus, and the host of other colorful characters from the film, but the one we actually have to be enamored with is good ol' Oogie Boogie (rather, bad ol').

For an animated feature like this with the holiday splendor, you'd have to be a little disturbed over the fact that this is a monster willing to play dice with the lives of his prisoners -- especially when one of those prisoners happens to be Saint Nicholas. This is why Oogie Boogie takes his rightful place among the ranks of boogeyman we've seen on the silver screen.

And Then There's Bughuul....

You remember that sinister film, don't you? Of course you do. The fact is when this movie was released, it chilled to the bone practically with no CGI whatsoever. That's impressive. Just classic ambience, a moody soundtrack, deadly connections with found footage films: you add all that up and some viscerally disturbing-looking villain, and you've got yourself one heck of a boogeyman.

The history of the boogeyman also fits with Bughuul (also known as Mr. Boogie) -- the character preys upon children. Supernaturally, of course. However, the classic adage of being under the bed kind of gets thrown out the window, but in all honesty.... Doesn't that make this boogeyman even scarier? Yes.

Not, However, as Scary as the Babadook

An amazing masterpiece of characterism -- the Babadook made it literally impossible to open up any book if you remember. Why? This film revolved around a particular pop-up book called, well, the Babadook, which somehow haunted not only the very house a mother and child lived in, but the actual...mother, too. So let's get this straight:

A boogeyman -- not only haunting the child, but the mother? Scary. We'll go even better: apparently the Babadook even possessed the mother into killing their own dog, even trying to kill her own son. Think about that for a moment -- children rely on their parents to protect them from the boogeyman.

Let's just say this kid couldn't rely on her mother (thankfully the film ended on a high note!).

So Is there any question we shouldn't keep exploring such a myth?

Of course not! Bring it. We love these boogeymen films, and they can keep them coming. We, however, will be checking under our bed at least every five minutes for the next six hours.

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