3 Easiest Ways To Minimize Potato Calories

3 Easiest Ways To Minimize Potato Calories

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Does the title excite you to read the article? Yes, you can lose your body weight by adding potato in your diet plan. Potato is high in starch and you should not eat starch-rich food while you are on diet. When I started my weight loss journey it was very difficult for me to cut off potato from my diet. Then I started doing research on it and I discovered some nutrition hacks to add potatoes on weight loss diet plan. If you are a potato lover like me, I am sure you will love to read this. Today, I will discuss 3 great ways to minimize potato calories so that you can add it in your diet plan. 

3 Easiest Ways to minimize potato calories

Soak the potatoes before cooking: 

When you soak the potatoes before cooking, it helps to remove some amount of starchy residues. It is true that soaking potatoes before cooking doesn't change its nutritional value. But if you soak them or rinse them before chopping it, you can remove some additional starch from it. After soaking the potatoes for few minutes, let them dry and put them on hot oil. To extract maximum amount of starch you should soak them for 3-4 hours. 

Boil the potatoes: 

Do you know that you can remove excess potato calories by boiling them? Yes, it is true. When you boil the potatoes, the water takes away the excess carbs from it. If you don't like the taste off boil potatoes you can boil them for less time so that you can easily cut them with a knife. The water starts removing potato calories as soon as it starts boiling. Personally, I do not mind the taste of boil potatoes and I love to have them after it gets fully boiled.  

Do research while buying potatoes: 

When you are preparing your diet plan, make sure you educate yourself with all the nutritional values of ingredients. You should always do research while shopping for your vegetables from the supermarket. You can find different types of potatoes in the market. The red potatoes are low in carbohydrates while the others are high in carbohydrates. So, while shopping for your meal add low carb potatoes in your cart and be a smart shopper.  

As you have learned to minimize potato calories let me tell you some nutrition facts. Potatoes are made of carbohydrates and there is no way you can completely destroy the starch content from it. However, with the mentioned ways you can remove excess starch from potatoes which can make you fatter. Nutritionists often advise not to take potatoes due to its high glycemic rating. But if you are aware of your body weight and take it in the moderate quantity you can enjoy your favorite vegetable without causing any health trouble. You can also follow some health bloggers who write about health and nutrition facts. They often publish different food recipes which are delicious and healthy at the same time. Take some time and learn to cook potatoes in different ways so that you can reduce potato calories.  

If you are following some healthy potato recipes, please let me know. I would love to learn some new tricks to cook potatoes. 

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