10 Unique Birdhouses for Your Yard

10 Unique Birdhouses for Your Yard

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Do you love taking part in the great outdoors and everything that nature has to provide? Well, a great way to take part in nature from the comfort of your home is by having nature come to you! One way to do that is by simply using birdhouses to give your friendly neighborhood birds a place to hang out and even feed, right inside your own yard. There are so many creative and unique ideas out there that are sure to make your feathered friends want to hang out with you. From attaches bird baths to plenty of space to for food, or even just to hang out, there are birdhouses with all sorts of convenient features. Provided below is a fantastic list of unique and creative birdhouses great to make your yard the place to be so that you can feel as close to nature as you want on any given day. 

1 Man 1 Garage Vintage Camper Birdhouse

Interacting with nature has always been a great way to relax. Now you can have that interaction while tapping into your inner artist with the Vintage Camper Bird House. It’s a beautifully designed scale model of a vintage camper that gives off a retro vibe, perfect for providing that feeling of ease and nostalgia. Made of birch, it lets you become the artist of your own as the kit comes in two varieties: a natural and colored one. You can color and design away, or you can follow the colors indicated, it’s all up to you! A perfect gift for anyone and bonding for the whole family to enjoy, truly a fun and relaxing way to help nature. 

The Chick Inn Loon Birdhouse

Birdhouses are common for a family who wants to help feed and take care of birds, but sometimes they can be a bit of a downer to the overall landscape of the house. Now you can have a unique yet well-designed birdhouse with the Loon Birdhouse! It’s an outdoor birdhouse that can be hanged on a tree or a post, with a large nesting area inside: perfect for helping a small bird family! The house is well ventilated to help nesting, while the back can be opened for cleaning, making it very functional and appropriate for birds. Plus, it even has a metal ring on the entrance that discourages predators, fitting for a nesting family’s safety. 

Buy A Birdhouse Rasta Man Birdhouse

Ever owned a simple birdhouse and just thought to yourself if you could have an alternative that has a personality? Now you can with the Rasta Man Birdhouse! This is a unique and quirky birdhouse that will surely spice up your garden. An entirely handmade item, you can send it as a gift to anyone and be amazed at how they’ll love this item! You can even have it shipped directly to anyone, and you can include a note. It’s a sure item that helps birds on their nesting while putting a smile on the face on anyone who receives it. A must for anyone who wants the rasta vibe around their porch or inside their home as a centerpiece. 


Vermont Birdhouses Vermont License Plate Birdhouse

Helping the environment is an important mission that we all should do. You can do it with the Vermont License Plate Birdhouse. A safe and fully insulated birdhouse that’s proven to have yearly returning birds. It features dry, roomy and well-ventilated space that is perfect for nesting and new families. The solid wood interior makes it extremely sturdy and rust-proof: almost indestructible! It’s super easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about multiple families using it. The best part is that its weather-proof and water-proof, which means that you can leave it outside, any time. With all of its amazing features for the birds, it is truly a perfect birdhouse for any nature lover or a simple backyard bird watcher.  

Bearpaw Rustics Birdhouse with Driftwood

Most birdhouses have elaborated designs that may be confusing for the bird. Now you can have an all rustic feel with the Bearpaw Rustics Birdhouse with Driftwood. This unique 8-inch birdhouse is all natural, made up of pine needles, moss, vines, pine cones, sticks and other forest finds. It’s the perfect size for small songbirds, making it a wonderful gift for birding enthusiasts! Due to its natural build, the house is quite durable and can last for years outdoors. It’s a great centerpiece for any backyard, with the bonus of being a sure hit with birds. This is definitely a must have for anyone wanting to have a birdhouse that is all natural and blending with the bird’s natural habitat. 

Winestone Birdhouses  Recycled Bullet Shell Birdhouse

A birdhouse that mixes arts and functionality, the WinestoneBirdhouses is perfect for anyone who wants a centerpiece in their backyard. This beautifully designed birdhouse is unique because it’s made of recycled bullet shells, Oregon Lava rocks, petrified wood, Coastal Agates, wood round and even revolvers, carefully placed with natural stones to produce a mosaic that will catch anyone’s attention. A must-have for gun and nature enthusiasts who also want to help nesting birds and birds with small families. It’s a perfect gift for anyone, where it will be surely loved. The ideal décor and birdhouse for any gun enthusiasts who are artistic and nature lovers alike. The best part? It’s all recycled, which means its eco-friendly!  

Birds n Bead Minnie Mouse Birdhouse

At some point in our lives, all of us have fallen in love with a Disney movie or character. You can now relive that moment with the Minnie Mouse Birdhouse. An adorable, rustic birdhouse designed as one of the well-loved Disney characters: Minnie Mouse! Have it in your yard and be the center of attention as guests and family are amazed at your birdhouse. It’s made up of pine wood and measures 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide, with a closed eye hook attached at the top for easy hanging. A perfect gift for any family that serves both as an art piece and a place for small bird families. Make your backyard a truly magical place to be, for both your family and the birds. 

Beehive Birdhouses 

Our backyards are often the place where we hang out with our friends and families. Most of the time, the overall décor is always considered, so it would be a little out of place if you would want a birdhouse, but have its design sticking out like a sore thumb. Now you don’t have to worry about the Beehive Birdhouse. It’s an amazing birdhouse with a rustic design, perfect for having it to blend in your backyard. Made up of All Natural Manilla Rope and then sealed off with a non-yellowing acrylic clear coat, this birdhouse is weatherproof and UV protected, just what nesting birds and small bird families need! Ventilation and cleaning are also no problem since it has extra holes and a neoprene plug. Truly, the best birdhouse that combines aesthetic with the top of the line features.  

Tallahatchie Designs Rustic Birdhouse

Recycling materials are important in keeping track of the unused objects we find lying around. Now you can contribute to the recycling process by using the Tallahatchie Designs Rustic Birdhouse. It’s a fully recycled birdhouse that is made from reclaimed Barnwood, which is wood removed from an old building in Mississippi, with a fully rustic design for the easy country feel. You don’t need to worry about the Barnwood though, the wood is cleaned of dirt and had most nails pulled off. It’s guaranteed to blend into any backyard, with a bonus of letting you help the environment recycle its old woods. The birds and mother nature can’t wait to thank you enough for choosing this great addition to your backyard! 

Rocking Birdhouse Frog Birdhouse

Are you looking for a cute and quirky find for your backyard? Look no more with the Rocking Birdhouse Frog Birdhouse. It’s an adorable birdhouse that’s sure to be a hit with a family with kids, or for the quirky and fun you! This outdoor birdhouse is approximately 13 inches tall with a hole size that would work for bluebirds and an eye hook at the top for easy attachment to any place it could be hanged. Made of pine and coated with polyurethane paint, its sure to last outside for a very long time. Plus, its super easy to clean out because of the removable back so you won’t have to worry about keeping it ready for the birds. Truly a wonderful birdhouse for kids and adults to enjoy while helping the bird families!  

Among these ten unique birdhouses, which one do you like best? Let us know! 

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