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What We Do

Superble’s mission is to help everyone to make the right purchasing decisions. Genuine product recommendations are shared only between friends and experts who are passionate about what they do – due to the lack of a trusted platform with a smart incentive system. We want to connect those who like to recommend the products they love with those who are looking for genuine reviews and reward them for sharing their knowledge.

The secret of Superble is in its product recommendations – products to cook a recipe, decorate a flat, excel in a sport, go on a trip and much more. Superble has product recommendations you can understand and relate to you. Superble helps you to discover what products you can use to make the best out of your experiences. Superble provides you with a personalized selection of products suggested by other people who share your same interests.

Superble brings together people who share the same interests and are interested in the same topics. We built Superble to be the platform that revolutionizes product discovery by focusing on the authentic experiences of others rather than the sponsored reviews of well-paid experts. Superble is the place to know from gamers on what are the best PC games, from pet lovers on what are the healthiest dog treats, from fitness coaches on what are the best nutritional supplements, from chefs on what are the most essential kitchen tools, and from beauty queens on what are the makeup products you need to carry in your bag.

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Andrea Baronchelli

CMO, Lazada Singapore

Genuine product recommendations and reviews have always been a big focus for Lazada, as they help our customers to find the right products on our platform. Superble shares the same vision and through bringing in additional reviews, helps shoppers with their decision making through the purchasing funnel.

Giacomo Ficari

Country Manager, Groupon

In the recent years, with the massive growth of online shopping, we are seeing an urgent need for people to discover the right products and find genuine reviews. Superble is the right place where people can share their technical knowledge, experience new products and interact with others. I cannot think of a better place for relevant influences and people that like to discover and share about cool and inspiring products. I am a Superble user and love to see how it is evolving!

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Superble wants to take this interaction online, helping consumers find better products and increasing the likelihood for merchants of making a sale.

Superble comes as a one stop hub where consumers can find answers to all their questions about certain products that strikes their interests.

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